Late Rapper Nipsey Hussle's Death Certificate Says He Died 35 Minutes After the Shooting

News by Sammy Published on 10 Apr,2019

Late Rapper Nipsey Hussle's death certificate released showing he died 35 minutes after the shot.

  • Nipsey Hussle's death certificate shows he died after 35 minutes of being shot.
  • He was shot several times in his head and torso.
  • A gang member known as Sh***y Cuz, Eric Holder is in police custody for his murder case.
  • On Thursday, public memorial service will take place at the Staples Center.

Rapper Nipsey Hussle's death certificate has been released which shows that he died after 35 minutes of being shot several times in the head and torso outside his own clothing store.

The rapper was announced dead on March 31 at 3.55pm at  California hospital medical center. His certificate was revealed by TMZ. As per his death certificate, the father of two died just after the short period of being shot.

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The Grammy nominee was rushed to the hospital after the incident but was said to be dead at the hospital at 3:55 pm. As per the reporters, the shooting took place at 3:20 pm.

The two other men who were shot along with rapper were also taken to the hospital and the police officer has confirmed that they both are in stable condition.

After this incident, police arrested Eric Holder for the case and detail is yet to be publicized.

The family member of late Nipsey Hussle has confirmed that public memorial will take place at the Staples Center.