Late Jenni Rivera's Sister Rosie Rivera's Married Life-Details About Her Husband, Relationship, Tell-All Book and Children

News by Saburo Published on 18 Sep,2017 Updated on 19 Dec,2017

American musician and actress Jenni Rivera's unexpected death in 2012 was a great pain for all her family and fans. Jenni died at the young age of 43 in a plane crash. 

After her death, Jenni's sibling Juan and Rosie Rivera joined Sony Music Latin to continue the Legacy of the late Jenni. Rosie Rivera has spent many years trying to fulfill her sister's dreams, she even takes care of Jenni's children. A true tale of undying love!

We're talking about Jenni Rivera's incredible sister Rosie Rivera, who's she married to? How is her married life? All the details here!

Late Jenni Rivera's Sister Rosie Rivera's Married Life

Jenni Rivera's sister Rosie Rivera is currently married to her husband Abel Flores. Thirty-six years old television personality first met her husband, Abel Flores, who is 10 years younger than Rosie at a church in Long Beach.

At the time, Rosie's brother, Pedro Rivera was a pastor and Flores was a member of the church’s choir. A gospel singer in the church Flores was just 16 when he met Rosie.

Rosie Rivera and Abel Flores

 Rosie Rivera and Abel Flores


Despite the huge age gap, Rosie and Flores fell for each other. At first, Rosie's family didn't approve of their relationship. But, the couple didn't give up and finally, they officially turned became husband and wife in 2011.

Currently, Rosie and Flores are happily married and in their six years of blissful married life. Rosie shared a cute snap of herself with her husband on the occasion of their six anniversary and she captioned the picture:

"After six years of glory and hell, I would choose you again" 

The adorable couple is blessed with two kids. They have a daughter, Samantha Flores, and a second child whose name and gender they have kept a secret. 

Rosie Rivera Revealed She Was Sexually Abused

Rosie Rivera revealed that she was sexually abused at her young age in her book, My Broken Pieces: Mending the Wounds From Sexual Abuse Through Faith, Family, and Love. The book was published in February 2016.

 Rosie Rivera

 Rosie Rivera


In the book, Rosie talks about her tragic childhood experiences and how she overcome the pain with the love and support from her family. She has set an example for all the young girls who have been sexually abused by staying strong and proud. 

In the book, she also shared how she met her husband and how they fell for each other including the difficulties they faced in their relationship. 

Rosie Rivera Quick Facts

  • Rosie was born as Rosa Amelia Rivera.
  • She celebrates her birthday on July 2,  she was born in 1981.
  • She is the daughter of Rosa Saavedra and Pedro Rivera.
  • Rosie also appeared on the reality show, I Love Jenni in 2013.