Last nail in the coffin! Stormy Daniels Did Pass the Lie Detector Test in 2011; Confirmed Sexual Encounter with Donald Trump

News by Rhyss Sebastian Published on 21 Mar,2018 Updated on 21 Mar,2018

It's confirmed Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump had a sexual encounter in 2006 after reports of the 2011 Lie Detector Test is out. 

  • Stormy Daniels's polygraph test out.
  • She said Yes to the question regarding her sexual relationship with President Trump.
  • Her lawyer, Michael Avenatti gave the report to CNN. 

Truth can't hide forever.

Pornstar Stormy Daniels wasn't lying after all.  The polygraph test she took in 2011 proved once in for all that the current President of the United States Donald Trump had an affair with her. 

The test focused whether Stormy's claim of having a sexual encounter with the Trump is true or not.

CAPTION: Stormy Daniels took the lie detector test in 2011 which confirmed she had a sexual encounter with Donald Trump SOURCE: DNA India

The report suggests the probability of Stormy telling lie in the test is less than 1%. Around three questions were asked and the full report was given to CNN by her lawyer Michael Avenatti.

The three questions that were asked in the lie detector test was in the following order, 

"Around July 2006, did you have vaginal intercourse with Donald Trump?"

"Around July 2006, did you have unprotected sex with Donald Trump?"

"Did Trump say you would get on 'The Apprentice'?"

The award-winning American pornstar answered yes to all the above questions. The first two answers were confirmed as hard truth whereas the third one was inconclusive. 

Bauer Publishing, the owner of Life & Style and InTouch magazines, requested for the lie detector test. The InTouch weekly magazine interviewed Stormy in 2011 but didn't publish it until earlier this year. 

Her lawyer, Avenatti disclosed to CNN he purchased the full rights of the polygraph test video for $25,000. 

Trump's attorney Michael Cohen in his public statement has affirmed Donald Trump never had any encounter with Stormy. He even threatened Stormy by saying they have the right to sue her for $20 million in damages. 

Wall Street Journal reported earlier this year, Michael even arranged $130,000 payment just so she would keep her mouth shut prior to the 2016 presidential election.

Stormy's lawyer is fighting against all the hush-agreement the two parties had between them and even sent a letter to Trump's lawyer stating they would want to return the payment of $130,000. 

Daniels is all set to appear in 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper this coming Sunday. We sure hope she draws all the curtains regarding the scandal.