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Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Kevin Dunn is one of the leading personalities. With a major role in both movies and TV series, the actor made his first break in the political comedy Dave. And his smashing performance in ABC's Samantha Who earned him further fame. 

Early Life, Bio, And Education Of Kevin Dunn 

Kevin Dunn was born on August 24, 1956, who is 59 years old in his age. Kevin was born in Chicago, Illinois of the United States.

The father of Kevin is a musician as well as a poet whose name is John Dunn and his mother is a nurse named Margaret. He is the sibling of Nora Dunn who is also working as an actress upon and across the industry. 

Dunn completed his graduation level of education from Illinois Wesleyan University. Belonging to the catholic family he was highly influenced in the religion and with the mixed ancestor of Dunn belonging to Scottish, German, English and Irish he is known descent made him familiar to work across the industry.

Kevin Dunn's Professional Career 

Kevin Dunn is as an actor from the year 1986 is winning the heart of millions of people all across the world. The role of Alan Reed in the White House communication is one of the best performances within his progressive career life. This political comedy Dave made him a high fan following among the people. In 1990, he was a cast in the TV series Seinfeld.  

With his award winning doc u mentary being as an executive producer Dunn famed his working and got highlighted from the film named Kumpania Flamenco Los Angeles, this was the film that was made during the year 2011. 

Dunn is known with his trademark being as a military and political figure. As similar to this, he is also known for playing an angry character in an irascible play and fatherly type of character. 

Kevin Dunn's Net Worth, Salary, And Major Source Of Income

With expanding a career in the field of acting, Kevin Dunn has collected a large amount of money. And his estimated net worth as of 2019 is around $4 million. The actor took his Sierra Madre house on the market in 2014 for $1,148,000 but he reduced the price of his mansion to $1,075,000. 

The 2,621 square feet home was built in the year 1890 which features three bedrooms. In the year 1989, Dunn was a cast in the movie Ghostbusters II which grossed a whopping box office collection grossing over $215 million worldwide. In the movie, he played the role along with Harold Ramis, Rick Moranis, Ernie Hudson, and Annie Potts.

Kevin Dunn's Married, Relationship, And Wife

Kevin Dunn is a married man who got married to his spouse named Katina Alexander after making her girlfriend with the long duration of the affair. Dunn got married to Katina on 19 July 1986 and they are happy with family and one child. Looking towards his bio Dunn is a very positive minded person and his affair was linked with many girls during his college times but he did not confess any of them.

Dunn loves tasting new dishes of food and archery is his interest that he loves enjoying in his free time. Dunn also aimed to be a doctor when he was just 10 years old. Dunn is not gay and there are no rumors regarding his sexuality and he has not come across in any controversy during the current time. Dunn looks stunning with a black coat and black pant with his folded hairstyles.

Dunn is popular among the social networking sites with his personal accounts and pictures found across. He has around thousands of followers in his Instagram and fan pages can be seen on Facebook with his recent activities.

Kevin Dunn's Age, Height, And Other Facts 

Dunn stands at 5' 10" (1.78 m) and his weight is 84 kg. 

Dunn's age as of 2019 is August 24, 1956 (age 62)

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