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On April 10, 2019, the world saw the first-ever image of a BlackHole and all thanks to young scientist Katie Bouman who made it possible. She at the age of 29 (2019) helped develop the algorithm which created the first-ever picture of a black hole. She has been working on this field since her teen days. 

Early Life And Education Of Katie Bouman  

Katie Bouman was born on May 9, 1989, in West Lafayette, Indiana. She is the daughter of Charles Bouman (father) and Cristina Bouman (mother). She grew up with her sister, Amanda Bouman, in her hometown West Lafayette. She holds American nationality and White ethnicity/race.

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Bouman graduated from West Lafayette High School in 2007. Later, she attended the University of Michigan and earned her undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering in 2011.

Katie completed her masters' degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Ma s sachusetts Institute of Technology in 2013. Afterward, she received her Ph.D. from MIT in 2017.

Then, the scientist joined Harvard University as a postdoctoral fellow on the Event Horizon Telescope Imaging team

Katie Bouman's Research And Career

Katie Bouman developed an algorithm named "Continuous High-resolution Image Reconstruction using Patch priors, or CHIRP". The algorithm was used to form the image of the superma s sive black hole inside the core of the galaxy Messier 87.

After several years of research and practice, Bouman finally succeeded to create the first image of a black hole on April 10, 2019. After that, she posted a picture of herself with the black hole image on her computer screen in the background.

Previously, in 2016, Bouman delivered a TEDx talk, "How to Take a Picture of a Black Hole" where she explained the algorithms that would be used on the project. In early 2019, she joined the  California Institute of Technology as an Assistant Professor and worked at the new systems for computational imaging.

As of now, Bouman is teaching and working at Computing and Mathematical Sciences department at the California Institute of Technology as a Visiting Associate. 

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Katie Bouman's Net worth And Salary

Katie Bouman's estimated net worth isn't less than $1 million. As a research scientist, she may earn $83,490 per year but the salary varies according to their experience and success. 

After her black hole achievement, she got new hype in the media and science & research field. So, it is obvious she will make a good amount of fortune for her research and experiments. 

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Katie Bouman's Personal Life: Marriage And Relationship 

Katie Bouman is happily married to her longtime boyfriend, Joe Leong on September 2, 2018, in an intimate wedding ceremony that held in Michigan. The couple dated for several years before exchanging vows. 

The couple does not have any child. Katie and her spouse Joe have been leading a blissful married life from the past many years.  

Bouman hasn't shared much about her husband and personal life to media but her cover photo on Facebook displays her in a beautiful wedding dress. She is only active on Facebook. 

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A short interview of Katie Bouman, as she describes how to take a picture of a black hole 

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