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Katia Langenheim, an acclaimed artist hailing from Melbourne, Australia, has garnered recognition for her captivating artworks exhibited across various art galleries. She is notably acknowledged as the mother of Ruby Rose Langenheim, a prominent German actress, singer, and influential figure in social media circles.

While specific information about Katia Langenheim's date of birth and birthplace remains undisclosed in public records, it is widely documented that she gave birth to her daughter, Ruby, in Melbourne, Australia, on 20th March 1986. However, details concerning Ruby's biological father have not been publicly disclosed.

Family Details 

Katia Langenheim is the great-granddaughter of Lionel Rose, a celebrated Australian boxer. Her grandfather, Alec Campbell, holds the distinction of being the last surviving soldier from the Australian Battle.

Ruby Rose and her mother, Katia Langenheim, were spotted shopping.

Katia Langenheim and her daughter Ruby Rose were spotted in the public. Source: Daily Mail

Katia's relationship with her husband was marked by toxicity, prompting her to reassess her life. The couple, despite their struggles, welcomed a daughter, Ruby Rose, who became a pivotal turning point in Katia's life. Faced with the challenges posed by her husband's toxicity, Katia made the courageous decision to leave him, taking her daughter Ruby with her.

Career Highlights 

After liberating herself from her marriage, the American painter Katia found the opportunity to pursue her desired career path. She raised her daughter, an MTV VJ, as a single mother while continuing her journey as a painter. Her artistic creations are showcased in various Melbourne art galleries.

Despite limited details about her career, Katia is recognized as a renowned Australian artist, primarily known for her paintings in the Melbourne art scene. Her initial fame stemmed from her daughter's successful career.

Katia's Daughter Is Ruby's Modeling Career

Ruby Rose, the daughter of the artist, commenced her modeling career by participating in the show "Model Search" in 2002. She ventured into modeling for brands like Milk and Honey, and Urban Decay Cosmetic. She gained recognition through magazine covers including Vogue Australia, InStyle Magazine, and New York's Inked Magazine.

Katia Langenheim's daughter Ruby Rose Langenheim posing for a photo.  SOURCE: Instagram @rubyrose

Transitioning into acting, Ruby made her debut in the film "Suite for Fleur" and appeared in the drama "Around the Block." Her breakthrough came with her role in the TV series "Orange is the New Black," propelling her to global fame. She further solidified her acting career with roles in major films like "John Wick: Chapter 2" and "xXx: The Return of Xander Cage."

Ruby's achievements include the ASTRA Awards, GQ Australia Woman of the Year, and GLAAD Media Awards. She pursued music with a solo song titled "Guilty Pleasure" and joined the cast of Netflix's "Orange Is the New Black" in its third season. Ruby Rose, raised by a single parent, exhibited relentless dedication and effort to achieve her remarkable success.

What Is Katia Langenheim's Net Worth?

Katia Langenheim's net worth is estimated at $1.5 million, encompassing her assets, bank balance, and income primarily derived from her career as an artist. Despite her earnings, she prefers leading a modest lifestyle.

Moreover, Katia's daughter, Ruby Rose Langenheim, is reported to have an estimated net worth of approximately $4 million. She amassed this net through her career as a model and acting. 

How Rich Is Katia's Daughter?

In November 2021, Ruby Rose decided to take a hiatus from Hollywood and returned to her native Australia. She made headlines by selling her Los Angeles mansion for $2.1 million in August 2021, a significant increase from its 2017 purchase price of $300,000.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, the model boasts an impressive 19 million followers on Instagram, earning an estimated $38,472 to $64,120 per post. Embracing a lavish lifestyle, she enjoys the perks of being a millionaire.

Regarding her car, Ruby Rose owns the exquisite Project Vulcan Huayra, considered one of the world's most stunning automobiles, valued at over $2 million. However, reports suggest that the car's worth might even soar up to $4 million.

Who Is Katia Langenheim's Husband?

Katia Langenheim has remained uninvolved in any romantic relationships following her departure from her husband. She has chosen to focus on her life without romantic entanglements.

Katia Langenheim's daughter Ruby Rose Langenheim with her pet.  SOURCE: Instagram @rubyrose

Her unbreakable bond with her daughter has been a constant in her life, providing unwavering support. Presently single, Katia finds contentment in her relationship with her daughter. At the age of twelve, her daughter came to terms with her identity as a lesbian, a realization that Katia fully embraced and supported.

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Katia's Daughter Has Been Rubby Bullied 

The celebrity mother raised her daughter Ruby Rose as a single parent, who, at the age of twelve, came to understand her identity as a lesbian. Throughout her schooling, Ruby faced severe bullying due to her sexuality, enduring mental and physical harassment that led to thoughts of suicide, and multiple attempts.

The Australian actress struggled with mental health issues resulting from societal cruelty and bullying, even contemplating surgical changes to align her physical appearance with her gender identity as a boy. At one point, she expressed disinterest in traditional female characteristics, considering surgery to prevent breast growth.

However, as Ruby matured, she abandoned the idea of surgery, prioritizing the possibility of having children in the future.


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