Kanye West Donates $500k To The California Wildfire Victims

News by Joey Jordan Published on 21 Nov,2018

Kanye West is doing some charity works these days. The Gold Digger singer donated $150,000 to the family of heroic Chicago security guard, Jemel Roberson, who was shot to death by a police officer while subduing a suspected gunman outside a Chicago-area bar recently.

And now, he has decided to help some other people getting out of their situation after the huge California wildfire. He has donated $500,000 to the Californian Fire Relief Fund.

CAPTION: Rapper Kanye West donating $500,000 to the California Wildfire victims SOURCE: Billboard

The 41-year-old rapper had hired private firefighters to protect his $60 million mansion. His wife and the Keeping Up with the Kardashian alum, Kim Kardashian will soon appear on Ellen DeGeneres' show The Ellen Show on Wednesday and she is set to drop a massive surprise to her hubby.

Sources close to Kim told TMZ that Kim and her husband had a serious discussion over how could they ease the burden on the people who have been battling the fire.

The source further told that Kim will tell Ellen that Kanye went to Adidas and his own brand, Yeezy to collect the relief funds and he was quick to raise $500,000. Kim is set to hand a $200,000 check to the California Community Foundation's Wildfire Relief Fund and another $200,000 check to the California Fire Foundation.

Meanwhile, the remaining $100,000 will be presented to a firefighter and his wife who will also join The Ellen Show on Wednesday. Michael Williams, the firefighter, lost his own home but kept on fighting with the blazes and saved many of his neighbors' homes.

CAPTION: Firefighters fighting with the horrific California Wildfire SOURCE: The Atlantic

Before the California fire, which is believed to be the worst in the history of the state, was close to touching the celebrity couple's Hidden Hills mansions, however, they hired the firefighters and deprived the fire of burning their mansion and other homes in the neighbor.