Intentions Behind Justin Bieber's INTENTIONS: Establishes $200k For Homeless Shelter

News by Joey Jordan Published on 10 Feb,2020

Canadian singer Justin Bieber released a video for his new single "Intentions" featuring rapper Quavo from the Migos. The music video features the struggle of three women in search of a better life in Los Angeles.

One is Bahri, whose mother was born in Saudi Arabia and deprived of education, wants to complete her graduation, however, she has to take a bus for two to three hours each day to get to college.

Another woman, Marcy, who was raised in the foster care system, got into an abusive relationship and became a mother at 19. And now, she wants to help foster children find the resources to advocate for foster rights.

Third, a Los Angeles poet, Angela, who struggled to find a permanent residence, now wants to tell her stories to the homeless women and children through her art.

In the video, Bieber gifts backpacks filled with school supplies to the young women Marcy mentors, a new car to Bahri to help her get to school and time in a studio to Angela to enable her share her poetry.

The video ends with a message that read:

Thank you to the Alexandria House for opening your doors and your hearts to Bahri, Marcy, and Angela and this entire community in times of need.

It also said,

In your honor, an INTENTIONS Fund has been established in the amount of $200,000 to support these women and the dreams of the families you support.

Justin Bieber is releasing his new album, "Changes" on 14th February. The album also includes Intentions.