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Jessie Phoenix Jopling is known as a celebrity offspring. She is the daughter of British filmmaker Sam Taylor-Johnson and her former husband Jay Jopling

Despite her lineage, Jessie deliberately maintains a private life, successfully evading media attention. She leads a low-profile existence, safeguarding details about her relationships, boyfriend, and personal life from public scrutiny.

What Is Jessie Phoenix Jopling's Age?

Jessie Phoenix Jopling came into the world in 2005 and marks her birthday annually in November. As mentioned above, her parents are Sam Taylor-Johnson and her former husband Jay Joplin.

A childhood picture of Sam Taylor-Johnson's daughter Jessie Phoenix Jopling.  SOURCE: Instagram @casparjopling

Growing up in the spotlight due to her celebrity lineage, Jessie has been part of public attention since her early years. Described as cool even during her childhood days, according to her cousin Casper Jopling, Jessie recently turned 18 years old in 2023, reaching the legal age milestone.

Jessie Phoenix Jopling's Parents Net Worth

Jessie Phoenix Jopling, the daughter of Sam Taylor-Johnson with a net worth of $20 million, and Jay Jopling, an affluent art dealer, hails from a wealthy family background. However, she maintains a discreet professional life, making it challenging to ascertain her net worth.

Given her family's ties to the arts and substantial success in the industry, it wouldn't be unexpected if Jessie chose to follow in her parent's footsteps and pursue a career within the artistic realm.

A Brief About Jessie Jopling's Parents Relationship 

Jessie Jopling's parents, Sam Taylor-Johnson and Jay Jopling exchanged vows in 1997 but went their separate ways in September 2008. Their marriage, spanning 11 years, came to an end when Jessie was merely three years old.

Jessie Phoenix Jopling's parents, Sam Taylor-Johnson and Jay Jospling posing for a photoshoot. SOURCE: Cosmopolitan

Subsequently, after the divorce, Jessie's mother, English filmmaker Sam Taylor-Johnson, entered into matrimony with actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Her stepfather Aaron is 23 years younger than his current wife Sam.  

Similarly, Jessie's father, Jay Jopling, tied the knot with Hikari Yokoyama, an art curator, in 2016. Presently, both parents have found happiness in their respective relationships, moving forward with their lives.

A Brief About Jessie's Family

Jessie Phoenix Jopling's family extends beyond her immediate parents to include notable members. Her paternal grandfather, Michael Jopling, held a political career and was a member of the House of Lords in the UK.

Within her extended family, Jessie has prominent cousins: Casper Jopling, an art dealer married to British singer Ellie Goulding, and Charlotte Jopling, a classical musician recognized for her violin performances with the London Symphony Orchestra.

Growing up in a family deeply immersed in the arts and with renowned artists, Jessie's environment might significantly influence her career choices and aspirations.

Siblings Details

Jessie Phoenix Jopling, daughter of Sam Taylor-Johnson and Jay Jopling, has an elder sister named Angelica Mara Jopling. Born on April 24, 1997, in the UK, Angelica is eight years older than Jessie. She is recognized for her work as an actress, having appeared in films such as "Kick-Ass 2," "The Devil's Mistress," and "Nowhere Boy."

A black and white photo of Jessie Phoenix Jopling's biological sister, Angelica Mara Jopling.  SOURCE: Instagram @angelica.jopling

Moreover, Angelica has ventured into the arts by establishing a commercial gallery in London named Incubator and Servers. Her gallery focuses on promoting emerging artists and features a program dedicated to performance and time-based art. Additionally, Angelica contributes as a writer and director within this creative space.

A Brief About Jessie's Half Siblings

Jessie Phoenix Jopling, from Sam Taylor-Johnson and Jay Jopling's previous relationship, has three half-sisters from her mother's marriage to Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Sam and Aaron welcomed two daughters, Wylda Rae and Romy Hero.

Additionally, from Jay Jopling's current relationship, Jessie has another half-sister named Djuna Mei Jopling, born in December 2019. The extent of the bond between Jessie and her half-siblings remains undisclosed.

Social Media Presence

Jessie Phoenix Jopling maintains a deliberate absence from social media platforms, opting to keep both her personal and professional life out of the public sphere. Her mother, Sam Taylor-Johnson, boasts over 205k followers on her Instagram handle @samtaylorjohnson

Despite her own social media presence, Sam has respected Jessie's preference for privacy, refraining from sharing much about her daughter on her own social media accounts.


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by Jonathan, 03 Dec, 2023

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