Jeffrey Donovan and Michelle Woods' Married Life- Children, Love-Story and Quick Facts

News by Saburo Published on 07 Sep,2017 Updated on 05 Jul,2018

 Jeffrey Donovan, 49, is an American actor and director who is well known by the name Michael Westen in the television series Burn Notice. Apart from TV series, Donovan, has also played in movies Hitch, Believe in Me, Changeling and Come Early Morning.

The actor who is a self-proclaimed diehard Boston Red Sox fan has so much going on in his life other than movies and TV series. Donovan is married to his long-time girlfriend Michelle Woods and they are living happily with their children.  Let's get into the details of this relationship!

When did Jeffrey Donovan and Michelle Woods Get Married?

It’s believed that it was August 25, 2012, when Jeffrey Donovan and Michelle Woods got married. They welcomed their first child was born after four months of their marriage; on December 2012.

Jeffrey Donovan, Michelle Woods, married

Jeffrey Donovan and  Michelle Woods

On this occasion, Jeffrey Donovan’s Burn Notice co-star Gabrielle Anwar spoke out about them.

In Gabrielle Anwar’s word:

He recently got married and I believe his wife had a baby within the last week as far as I know. So, I think he's changed considerably from the young party boy that I met during the pilot.

Well, as per Gabrielle Anwar’s statement Jeffrey being a party boy in the previous days now might have become more of a family man, with a wife and children, he surely has!

How Many Children Do Jeffrey Donovan and Michelle Woods have?

Jeffrey Donovan and Michelle Woods have three children.They named their first child, a girl, Claire, she was born in 2012.  

Jeffrey Donovan, MIchelle Woods, children

Source: Married Wiki 

Jeffrey Donovan and  Michelle Woods

In 2014 the couple had their second baby, a boy and named him Lucas. They welcomed their third child, a girl, in  2017.

The couple, however, is keeping their children away from the media. In 2015, Jeffrey Donovan once talked about his first child Claire, about how his daughter recognized him in the TV.

In his words

She sees me and she goes, ‘Dada’ — when she was 1, she used to do that to the screen.

Whenever I travel, which, unfortunately, I travel a lot… I 'll call and she’ll pick up the phone and go, ‘Hi, Daddy. I go, ‘Hi baby,’ and she’ll go, ‘FaceTime, Daddy, FaceTime.’

Donovan shared how Claire even knows how to dial the green button to call him:

 ‘Hi, Daddy.’ ‘Hi, baby, how are you?’ ‘Good,’ end of the conversation. She goes ‘Bye!’ That’s it.

That’s so sweet. Isn’t it? Well, we hope that they stay happy like this, always!

Quick Facts 

  • Jeffrey Donovan was born on May 11, 1968, in Amesbury, Massachusetts, United States.
  • Jeffrey Donovan belonged to a poor family and was raised by a single mother along with his two brothers, Michael and Sean.
  • Jeffrey Donovan went Amesbury High School.
  • Jeffrey Donovan graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in drama from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
  • Jeffrey Donovan not only had his Bachelor’s degree but also completed his Master degree in Fine Arts from the New York University's Graduate Acting Program at Tisch School of the Arts.