ITV's Julie Etchingham's Married Life With her Husband Nick Gardner-Details About Their Children, Family and Holiday Routine!

News by Clarence Published on 13 Sep,2017 Updated on 06 Sep,2021

Julie Etchingham,  the ITV News at Ten's broadcaster is in the field of journalism since 1990. According to Julie, this is her childhood dream and she would never even imagine leaving this career path. 

And why would she? Anything Julie Etchingham is a part of becomes a success. Be it the role of a presenter,  a wife or a mother,  Etchingham is pretty perfect at it all! She is on ITV since 1990 and married happily since 1997, that's 20 years in her marriage and 27 in her career!

We're discussing this amazing journalist and wife/mother's personal life here!

Who is Journalist Julie Etchingham’s Husband?

Journalist Julie Etchingham’s is married since 1997, a rare thing to see these days. The ITV broadcaster married  Nick Gardner in 1997 This couple is a classic example of ''marriages are made in heaven.'' 

But, it takes two real people on Earth to save their relationship. Julie Etchingham and her husband Nick Gardner seem to know that all too well. 

One reason why Julie Etchingham and Nick Gardener's marriage is so successful could be the fact that both of them are extremely private people! Media interference can be a nasty thing! 

Do Julie Etchingham and Nick Gardner Have Children?

As believed, Julie Etchingham and Nick Gardner have two sons. The couple has, however, kept all details of their children including photographs extremely private. That's one way to keep prying eyes away from your happy marriage!

You might not see Julie Etchingham and Nick Gardener posing for selfies and posting tons of pictures on social media, but they are still very much together and a real deal. 

Talking about her husband in one of the interviews Julie said: 

Nick's a brilliant dad: he still reads to the kids before they go to bed and he's done that since they were tiny

Etchingham also revealed that she spends her entire holidays with her children and husband.

 Julie Etchingham’s Weekend/Holidays Routine

You must have noticed how pretty and fit Etchingham is, well her secret is that she wakes up at 3 in the morning and does Yoga. A mother of two who wakes up at 3 am, she sounds like a miracle! 

In Julie Etchingham’s words

Saturday mornings always begin with a treat when I make pancakes with different toppings. We get the boys started with their homework, they have music practice on the piano and saxophone then we'll take them to cricket or go swimming.

She also added

Nick and I split cooking the dinner between us – he does a good steak – then we'll sit down together to watch a family film such as one of the Indiana Jones series.


I believe Sundays are special and meant for the family, so we'll sit down together for a roast lunch and then we'll have a walk in the park or do the gardening while the boys play football.

Well, she has a secret ingredient that keeps her family together and it seems that  secret ingredient is LOVE

Quick facts:

  • Julie Etchingham was born as Julie Anne Etchingham
  • Julie Etchingham was born on 21 August 1969
  • She attended Newnham College and gained a BA degree in English at the University of Cambridge.
  • Julie Etchingham’s husband Nick Gardner is a television producer and they met at BBC's Newsround program.
  • Etchingham also worked for Sky News starting from 2002
  • In 2010, she was voted "Presenter of the Year" at the Royal Television Society journalism awards, she became the first woman to win the title.