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Isla Atkinson is the daughter of the globally recognized English actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson, famous for his iconic character Mr. Bean and his work in the BBC sketch comedy show "Not the Nine O’Clock News." Her mother, Louise Ford, is also a well-known British comedian and actress, recognized for her roles in various notable projects like "Horrible Histories," "Crashing," and "The Windsors."

Given her lineage, Isla Atkinson has garnered attention, prompting curiosity about her lifestyle and background. Fans eager to learn more about her often seek details about her birth and family connections, drawn to her celebrity parentage and the accomplishments of both her father and mother in the entertainment industry.

What Is Isla Atkinson's Age?

Isla Atkinson, born in December 2017 in the UK, is currently six years old and resides in her hometown. Being at an age precluding formal schooling, details about her education are not available.

Isla Atkinson was spotted with her mother, Louise Ford in public.  SOURCE: Pinterest

As of now, Isla enjoys a privileged upbringing under the spotlight of her renowned parents, who have established themselves in the entertainment industry. She experiences a luxurious and comfortable childhood, benefiting from the success and stature of her well-known parents.

A Brief About Isla Atkinson's Father 

Rowan Atkinson, globally recognized as Mr. Bean, was born on January 6, 1955, in County Durham, England. He began his career at the BBC, showcasing his talents as a writer and performer in the comedy series "The Atkinson People" for BBC Radio 3 in 1979. During the same period, he featured in a pilot called "Canned Laughter" on London Weekend Television, followed by a notable performance in the BBC series "The Secret Policeman’s Ball."

Atkinson gained national acclaim and furthered his career with roles in various movies and series, including "The Lion King," "Blackadder," "Scooby-Doo," "Keeping Mum," and "Mr. Bean’s Holiday," among others. With 44 years in the entertainment industry, his exceptional comedic expressions and acting skills have solidified his status. Currently, he's known for his role in the comedy TV series "Man vs. Bee."

A Brief About Isla's Parents' Relationship

Isla's parents Rowan Atkinson and Louise Ford, both esteemed British actors and comedians, met in 2013 while working together in the West End play "Quartermaine’s Terms." At the time, Atkinson was married, but he developed feelings for the 32-year-old comedian Louise, ultimately leading to his divorce from his former wife, Sunetra Sastry.

Isla Atkinson’s parents are Louise Ford and Rowan Atkinson.  SOURCE: India TV News

In 2014, Rowan and Louise formalized their relationship and began living together in Atkinson's £5.5 million cottage in North London. Presently, the married pair has sustained a harmonious partnership for eight years.

Siblings Details

Isla Atkinson has a half-brother named Benjamin Atkinson from her father's previous marriage, born in 1993, making him in his early 30s as of now. Benjamin serves in the British Army as a professional.

Additionally, Isla has a half-sister named Lily Sastry, born on July 11, 1995. Following in her father's footsteps, Lily pursued a career in the entertainment industry, excelling as both an actress and musician.

How Rich Are Isla Atkinson's Parents?

It's indisputable that Isla's net worth remains unestimated, considering her young age and ample time ahead to carve out her career path. However, her father Rowan boasts a net worth of $150 million.

Isla's mother Louise is an actress and holds a fortune valued at $4 million. Presently, Isla lives in a luxurious multi-million-dollar mansion located in the village of Ipsden in Oxfordshire.

Is Isla Atkinson Active On Social Media?

As of now, Isla cannot have her own social media presence, and her parents have shown no inclination towards creating one for her. They consistently strive to keep Isla away from the public eye.

Conversely, Isla's father, the actor, maintains an Instagram account under the username @mrbean, boasting 9.7 million followers. His profile predominantly features content related to his iconic character Mr. Bean, rather than personal moments.


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