Is The Scorpion King Actress Kelly Hu Single, Married or Dating? Her Relationship History in Details!

News by Saburo Published on 25 Aug,2017 Updated on 25 Apr,2019

Kelly Hu is an Asian-American actress who co-starred with Dwyane Johnson in The Scorpion King. The beauty-pageant winner is indeed one of the most beautiful ladies in the Hollywood industry, and no wonder all her fans are curious to know whether she is dating recently or not. Is she? Or is she single?

Let's take a look at her relationship history, and find out who the Vampire Diaries actress is currently dating Let's split all the tea here!

Who is Kelly Hu currently Dating? Or Is she Single?

The 49-year-old Miss Teen USA is a gorgeous model with a great personality that attracts some famous celebrities. Despite the fact that she's dated some famous celebrities, the actress is quite single these days. Kelly Hu has confessed that no matter how hard she tries, it is never good enough to make it last. That sounds sad! But, we're sure she is better off these days. 

Kelly Hu has had three relationships till the date and none of them were successful, maybe she thinks that being in a relationship is not her cup of tea or she is now hoping for a stable one. It's okay to be single while you wait for the perfect match! More power to Kelly Hu. 

Kelly Hu's Relationship History/Past Dating Life

Kelly Hu is highly admired for her beauty and modeling/acting chops. But, you can't be in Hollywood without making any rumors, Hu has had her share as well. And not all rumors are false. 

Kelly was in a relationship with a bank investor named Ahmed Ali for two years. They started dating in1996 and ended their relationship in 1998 for some unknown reasons.

Kelly Hu with her ex-boyfriend

Kelly Hu with her ex-boyfriend Mitch Alan

 Kelly Hu's next relationship was with Mitch Alan, a musician. They reportedly started dating in 2010. The couple had a relationship for four years which they ended in 2014. It was not a happy ending. 

Kelly Hu's ex- boyfriend and personal manager Gilbertson

Kelly Hu's ex-boyfriend and personal manager Gilbertson

Kelly Hu's last relationship was with her personal manager Gordon Gilbertson, we don't know how long the couple dated, but what we know for sure is that this one didn't end well as well.

It just makes sense that Kelly Hu is taking her time to get into a new relationship this time around!