Who Is Scorpion Star Jadyn Wong Currently Dating? Details About Her Affairs, Relationship

While some celebs take their work seriously and do not even have time to date, others like to manage both professional and dating life. However, most of the celebrities try to keep their dating life away from fans just to keep them curious.

Jadyn Wong is one of those celebrities who loves keeping her love life private. Unlike her off-screen life, Jadyn's on-screen love life is eventful. Is Jadyn Wong single? Or she is currently seeing someone? Let's find out. 

Is Jadyn Wong Single? What's Her Relationship Status?

Jadyn Wong has kept her fans curious about her personal life and relationship status. She is quite a private person.  Jadyn Wong as believed is single. However, there are no reliable sources that confirm it. But one thing is for sure that this Canadian beauty is quite good at keeping work and pleasure separate, there are no traces of her past affairs. 

Jadyn Wong, single, married, pregnant, in relationship

Jadyn Wong at Young Women's Honor 

It's up to celebs, whether they want to keep their private life to themselves or not. However, some fans argue that celebrities owe a little to the fans. Do you agree?

Moreover, getting back to her and her relationship status it seems that "Happy Quinn" is enjoying her time on-screen with her co-actors Elyes Gabel who was once in a relationship with co-star Katharine McPhee and  Eddie Kaye Thomas and don't need anyone off- screen. She, however, loves to babysit. 

Who Is Jadyn Wong Babysitting? 

Is Jadyn Wong taking her role as Happy Quinn way too seriously? Or is it method acting? There's been news about her babysitting. Is there any truth to it?


Babysitting Larry McPhee...I think he's still alive? #firstandlasttime @katharinemcphee

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Jadyn is known to take her roles seriously; her vivid performances are worth the effort as well. And this whole babysitting fuss started when she posted a picture of herself babysitting for her friend's pet, and this was not the first time she had to babysit for anyone. 


To babysit or not...

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Well, as much as Jadyn loves dogs, maybe she doesn't like babysitting them that much? But well, who are we to judge! 

Jadyn Wong: Quick Facts

  • Jadyn Wong was born on May 11, 1989.
  • She was born in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.
  • Jadyn Wong is a graduate of Medicine Hat High School.
  • She went to the University of Calgary to study commerce.
  • Besides Scorpion she is also well known for She is an actress Cosmopolis (2012) and You're Killing Me Susana (2016)
  • Jadyn is a  black belt in Karate and is a trained cla s sical pianist!!




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