Is Shalita Grant Still single or Dating Someone? Details On Affairs And Relationship

News by Saburo Published on 11 Nov,2017 Updated on 11 Nov,2017

They say, ''a private life is a happy life'', and some celebs in Hollywood try there best to live by the saying. But, Hollywood and privacy don't entirely go hand in hand. 

 Shalita Grant, The Tony Award nominee, tries her best though. She is someone who has always managed to keep her personal life “PRIVATE.''

Well, they also say that one tries to be private when one has something to hide, so what do you think is American actress Shalita Grant hiding from all of us? Perhaps, her love life? Let’s find out.

Is Shalita Grant single? Or Is She Seeing Someone? 

Shalita Grant, as mentioned earlier, has always kept her life out of the media radar. Be it personal life or her Instagram account; she always has her life wrapped up in privacy. 



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Though her Instagram seems to have no clue of her love-life, her Twitter has stories! 

Well, yes Jaymes Vaughan, a TV host back in 2015 tweeted Shalita Grant claiming to be her girlfriend.

And if you think that Grant might not have participated in this at all, you couldn't be more wrong. She retweeted it saying “I had so much @JaymesV !!! I love rooftop videos with my boyfriend” with a wink.Well, have a look!

But there is some twist to the story as they might just be fooling around with one another as Jaymes is apparently in the LGBT community. 

Well, maybe, Grant’s profession is her metaphorical boyfriend at the moment.But, that doesn't mean she didn't have any in the past, does it? 

 Shalita Grant's Past Affairs- Dating History

Shalita Grant with all her privacy makes all of us wonder about her personal life. But, she seems so rigid in keeping it all to herself!



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Now, about her past affairs, there are no public records of her love life. Grant has lived her life entirely private. 

Quick Facts:

  • Shalita Grant was born on August 28, 1988.
  • She was born in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.
  • Though Grant was born in Maryland, she was raised in Petersburg, Virginia.
  • Shalita Grant went to Baltimore School for the Arts.
  • Grant was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Play in 2013.
  • Shalia Grant won the Theatre World Award for Outstanding Broadway Debut.
  • Her films include Empire Corner (2010) and Rehearsing a Dream (2006).