Is Roxie Nafousi still Single or Dating Someone? Details About Her Affairs and Relationships

News by Saburo Published on 24 Sep,2017 Updated on 24 Sep,2017

Roxie Nafousi, 26, is a blogger, writer and an ambassador of  Mental Health Foundation. Besides all her titles, she is also known for her affair with the 52-year-old multi-millionaire, artist  Damien Hirst that went on for almost two years.

The model's relationship with the multi-millionaire did not work out, however, she has now moved on. Who is she dating currently? We have some exclusive information on Nafousi's relationship status and dating history. 

Is Roxie Nafousi Dating Again? 

Roxie Nafousi is in love again after breaking up with Damien Hirst. Believe it or not, it seems that she has actually found the love her her life. 

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Roxie Nafousi, the beauty blogger at GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2017

Nafousi not only loves her new beau but has also started loving herself and taking care of herself really well. In one of her interviews, she stated: 

I'm not naturally slender, I'm curvy and my legs aren't long! The inner critic said 'you're disgusting' when in reality I was just a normal, healthy weight.

Although she is confident about her looks and body now,  she says she does feel a little insecure from time and again.

I wish I could say that I don't care anymore but I do at times. Having said that, when I am healthy and I exercise regularly I do feel confident and happy in myself and that is a really amazing feeling.

Even though Roxie Nafousi struggled previously, it seems that today she is in her happy place with herself and her relationship with her new boyfriend. Her boyfriend, however, is quite a mystery. We are trying to solve that here!

Who is Roxie Nafousi's New Boyfriend?

Apparently, she is head over heels in love with her boyfriend at this point of time. But, who is this mysterious boyfriend? Nafousi has posted several photos with the new boyfriend on Instagram.

Even though there are photos of Roxie Nafousi celebrating her birthday with her boyfriend, she hasn't revealed her boyfriend's name. 

Quick Facts 

  • Roxie Nafousi was born on July 30, 1990.
  • She was born in  Oxford.
  • Roxie Nafousi's zodiac sign is  Leo. 
  • She has over 55.5 k followers on her Instagram and 3k followers on her Twitter as of September 2017. 
  • Roxie Nafousi was once also rumored to be dating Harry Styles, however, it was not true.