Is Miley Cyrus Pregnant With Liam Hemsworths Baby?- Fans Think So!

News by Riya Published on 24 Nov,2017 Updated on 24 Nov,2017

Thanksgiving 2017 came as a double celebration for Miley Cyrus; she also turned 25 on November 23, Thursday. 
But, fans are speculating there could be one more reason or Cyrus’ celebration. After the Wrecking Ball singer posted a pre-birthday pic in a baggy t-shirt, fans are now thinking that she is probably pregnant.  

Cyrus posted a photo on Wednesday, 22nd November, in a loose-fitted gray T-shirt with silver balloons spelling ‘MILEY’  surrounding her. Her fiancé Liam Hemsworth could be seen in the mirror reflection. 

The Hannah Montannah star captioned the photo, 

So close to b-day time! Stoked for a day full of Tofurkey & loved ones! Ain’t it ironic?  #VeganTurkeyBaby.

The photo shows what could be called a bumpy tummy and the #VeganTurkeyBaby made fans jumped to the conclusion and ask if she’s expecting. 

Miley Cyrus Pregnant

                                                                       Miley Cyrus Pregnant Picture 
One of the comments read, “Uhm… that a baby bump?” 

Another commentator weighed in saying, “Come on! That belly can’t be from the thought of eating turkey for thanksgiving!!!

Fans also commented saying, ‘’that’s pregnant belly!”

Another fan took a different tone saying, 

 We’re allowed to wear baggy tops on a daily basis and we’re more so allowed to have a tummy. Why does everyone have to assume you’re ‘pregnant’ if you were a baggy top where it looks like you’ve got a tummy.It could just be a food baby.

Another comment took a sarcastic yet funny tone with, 

Y’all over exaggerate everything. I swear a celebs only gotta say hey baby to her boyfriend and everyone be like ‘she’s saying baby to her boyfriend. BABY TO BOYFRIEND. BABY BOYFRIEND. BABY BOY. SHES HAVING A BABY BOY!!!

While Cyrus hasn’t replied to any of the comments or responded to the speculation, she did post another picture on Wednesday where she looked bump-free.

She captioned the picture, ‘’Always have been & Always will be #ExtraAF  Happy B-day to me you grumpy fucks! 

                                Miley Cyrus Birthday Picture Instagram 

The Malibu singer also showed off a precious stone and diamond necklace from her fiancé Liam Hemsworth that she got as a pre-birthday gift. 
She captioned the picture,

My mannnnnn’s already winnin & it ain’t even my bday yet!” Cyrus captioned the Instagram pic of the necklace featuring the Aussie actor’s nickname Lili, on Wednesday. “Rainbow LiLi is soooo frigggggen cute!

Miley Cyrus Birthday Gift

 Miley Cyrus Birthday Gift

Celebrity pregnancies are quite in the trend with three of the Kardashians speculated to be due in late December-early 2018.