Is actress Maite Perroni dating anyone, lately? Uncover her relationship status, here!

News by Clarence Published on 26 Sep,2016 Updated on 27 Jul,2017

The most common query made on Maite Perroni is about her relationships.  Fans always want to get updated about what's going on in their favorite celeb's life. Fans and followers of Maite are no exceptions. 

If you are one of the fans of the actress and want to know more about her and her relationships, stop here! No matter how uncovered her personal life is, her relationships and affairs aren't revealed and clear to her fans. Her well-wishers are yet to know the person she is dating lately and if she is in a relationship with someone!

Is Perroni dating anybody? Is she in a relationship? 

Rumor has it that she dated several guys but has broken up with all of them. Yet, it feels like she has found the love of her life, now. She is dating Chilean music Producer Cristian Stambuk these days.

Their relationship started in the year 2013. However, the public came to know about their romance only after a year. They are taking their time to know each other well before planning to get married. 

 At the end of 2014, Perroni made their relationship public at a red carpet event. They worked together on her debut album Eclipse de Luna. They came closer after they collaborated during the launch of the album. 

Perroni’s Singing and Acting career

Perroni began her acting career in Rebeide. Slowly, she started to make her way through her amazing talents. In 2008, she starred as a leading character in Cuidado Con el angel. The show made a great success around the world. After her achievements from Cuidado Con el angel, she got an offer in Mi Pecado as a leading role.

Perroni was also a member of famous band RBD.  In 2012, she made an announcement regarding her first solo album Eclipse de Luna. Recently she released her song ‘Adicta’. Her fame as a singer has lately came to rise and she has been a well-known celeb too. Hopefully, her love life too would be a hit story!