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Maite Perroni was born on 9 March 1983, in Mexico City. Maite started her acting career with 'Rebelde' from 2004 to 2006. She gained huge success in her career as she was crowned as a queen of the telenovelas (television soaps). Maite was one of the members in the popular band RBD which was launched after the success of the TV soap Rebelde. The band RBD split in 2008. Then Maite released her single 'No Vuelvas' on 17 July 2010 and continued to release solo albums. 

Early Life

Maite's full name is Maite Perroni Beorlegui. She was brought up in Guadalajara. Maite lived there till she turned 22 and later moved to Mexico City, with her parents. Maite has two brothers named Adolfo and Francisco, born on1986 and 1992 respectively. She studied acting at Televisa's Centro de Educacion Artistica(CEA).

Career Till 2008

Maite Perroni's career started when she became  a part of 'Rebelde' (2004-2006). The television series was an adoption of the acclaimed Argentinean novel 'Rebelde Way'. After the huge success of 'Rebelde', she did the lead role of May in the TV series 'RBD: La Familia'.

Maite Perroni is not only known for her contribution in the telenovelas but also in musical industry. She was one of the members in the popular band RBD, which was launched after the success of the TV soap Rebelde. The band RBD sold over 15 million albums worldwide. They have altogether made 9 studio albums in different languages like Spanish, Portuguese, and English. 

Maite Perroni composed different songs for this band which also includes the famous 'Tal Vez Manana (Maybe Tomorrow)', for their fourth Spanish Language album. Unfortunately, the band decided to split up on 8 August 2008 and did their final tour in early 2009.

….. As the New Queen of the Telenovelas

In 2008, she got the lead role in Cuidado con el angel (Don't mess with an angel) opposite to William Levy. Maite Perroni also sang for her role in Cuidado con le angel (Don't mess with an angel) and recorded song 'Mi Pecado" as the opening song.  Later, she got to be a part of Mujeres Asesinas (Killer women) in the sixth episode of the third season. 

Maite got her fifth lead role with Perdo Fernandez in romantic-comedy 'Cachito de Cielo' (Sent from heaven) in 2012. Then again in 2014, she confirmed her sixth lead role La Gata(The Stray Cat) which was aired on 5 May 2014. On 12 July 2014, Maite Perroni along with Angelique Boyer was named as the new queens of Mexican TV shops.

Maite Perroni released her single 'No Vuelvas' on 17 July 2010. In 2013, Maite released her first solo album Eclipse de Luna. On 16 July 2013, she released a bachata song called 'Tu y Yo' followed by 'Vas A Querer Volver' on May 2014. 

Personal Life

Maite Perroni is currently in relation with KoKo Stambuk since October 2013. She has already tied a knot with her boyfriend KoKo Stambuk who is Chilean music producer.

Maite Perroni first relationship was with Guido Laris from 2005 to 2008. Guido Laris was the RBD's Ba s sist and musical director. The pair broke up in August 2008. Then Maite had a short affair with Carlos De La Mota in 2010. She was rumored to be in a relationship with Mexican television shop star William Levy. After William, Maite started dating actor Mane De la Parra. Their relationship lasted for 2 years.

Maite Perroni net worth is $18 million. She gets around $ 470,600 from her endorsements and sponsorships. She also supports the Ecologist Green Party of Mexico. She has done commercials for Giraffas, Pepsi, Proactiv, and much more. Maite has also introduced her Coleccion Maite Perroni. 

by Bchrome, 18 Sep, 2016

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