Hurricane Irma Devastated Many Tiny Islands In Barbuda And Caribbean, Reaching America on Saturday

News by Joey Jordan Published on 07 Sep,2017 Updated on 07 Sep,2017

The eye of the Hurricane Irma is currently over Barbuda and the Caribbean and it has caused severe into its tiny island; destroying almost 90%of infra structures and killing three persons (predicted).

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As per ABC News’ reports, the Category 5 hurricane has caused widespread damage to the island on Wednesday, 6th September. The 1600 people inhabited in the island are greatly affected by the hurricane

Situation around Babuda due to Hurricane Irma

Situation around Barbuda due to Hurricane Irma

Source: Hindustan TImes

According to FOX News, Hurricane Irma hit Barbuda with 185 mph winds at around 2 a.m. local time on Wednesday and it is predicted to hit Florida on Saturday night.

The Guardian reported the French part of St. Martin has been ’95 percent destroyed’. On the other hand, Daniel Gibb, a local official told Radio Caribbean International that here the island is facing ‘enormous catastrophe’.

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The hurricane has caused more devastation in Puerto Rico where 965,000 people are without power and at least 50,000 people are without water.

Damages of hurricane Irma in Philipsburg, Carabbean

Damages of Hurricane Irma in Philipsburg, Caribbean

Source: daily express

The Prime Minister of Gaston and Browne of Antigua and Barbuda told ABS TV/ Radio Antigua that Barbuda is ‘barely habitable’. In addition, he said, the cost to repair infrastructure and homes would cost no less than $150 million.