How much is Zak Waters Net Worth? Find out which car he drives

News by Clarence Published on 03 May,2017 Updated on 06 Aug,2017

American musician, Zak Waters who was born and raised in California records music under the alias 'Pretty Sister'.

A successful singer, songwriter, record producer, and a disc jockey, Waters, made a good deal of money.What is his net worth? Let's dig into his sources of income and find out!

What is Zak Waters' net worth?Know about his source of income

Zak Waters' estimated net worth is $3 million as per some online sources. His successful musical career and music tours are mostly to be credited for his impressive net worth, given that he is so young.

Waters' main source of income is world tour live performances. He also DJs, which is another source of his income.

Zak Waters

His first debut single 'Unstoppable'  was received warmly by the audience and the charts. 'The city', his collaborative single with French electronic music producer 'Madeon', listed in various top Single charts all over the world. The song remains Waters' most famous single through worldwide till date.

Likewise, most of  Waters releases including solo singles, studio albums, and collaborative single were successful which extended his net worth.

Which car does Zak Waters drive?

Waters divers a stunning Audi A4 car, luxurious and expensive car.The Audi A4 ranges from $35,850 to $ 48,950.


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Audi A4 car is one of the best small luxury cars with high-class features, comfortable seats, and sporty look.

This car has also won the award for Best Luxury Small Car for the Money as it provides the best quality at the best price.

Zak Waters' Rich Lifestyle

Waters currently residence is Los Angeles, United States. He loves parties, and if his official Instagram is to be trusted, he likes vacationing, a lot!


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The talented star has also shared a stage with renowned singer Steven Tyler which enhanced his career. Waters had now established himself as a successful star in the industry.