Steven Tyler, 67 having a girlfriend Aimee Preston, 28 younger than his daughter

News by Bartle Published on 21 Mar,2016 Updated on 21 Mar,2016

Steven Tyler is highlighted news for the media by now not because of his career success but because of her affair with her new girlfriend who is none other than Aimee Preston that was guessed by his fans from the long duration of time. Finally he confessed his affair with the lady who is 28 years younger than his daughter. He broke up with his married life in the age of 67 by now he kept his mentality to have a girlfriend which is absolutely shocking news for his fans. According to Steven, Age is nothing for him and he does not think need a matter in love circle. This Aerosmith Rocker is totally having a love lady in his life at the age of 67. Aimee is long time assistant of Steven and they claimed they are totally happy in the present time with their affair circles.

This couple is spotted together in the award ceremonies as well as in parties and the guesses from the long time because of their closeness was made among the fans. Steven is the father of 4 children and his children are in the age range of 38 to 27 but loving the girl of his children age does not matters him a lot though his fans are amazing seeing this. He has broken out his relationship twice in his life with his spouses. According to him those were the best lessons for his life but no any hard feelings for them since he is totally happy by now.

For the very first time he got married with Cyrinda Foxe and they stated of being into married life in the year 1977. After their married life there occurred high disturbance in their married life that made them to end up their relationship in the year 1987. Again for the second time he again married with Teresa Barrick and officially mentioned as his spouse but this also did not worked out properly according to him which also result them to give a divorce in the year 2006. From the very time he was single and now after a long duration he fall in love with Aimee which is very doubtful Aimee amazing for his previous spouses as well. His children names are Liv, Mia, Chelsea and Taj Monroe. By previous of his married life his short affair was also mentioned within the top fashion model of the town whose name is Bebe Buell.

Steven and Aimee are even now featured in the public event and public places sharing their love. They were spotted last Friday in their friend’s event as well where they clicked their photos and posted in the personal site of Aimee. They often hang around in their leisure time and post their amazing snaps in their personal pages.