How much is Tim Westwood's Net Worth and Where Does He Spend All His Money?

News by Saburo Published on 06 Jun,2017 Updated on 03 Aug,2017

One of the bigger names in Television, Tim Westwood has the net worth $13 million. By profession, he is a DJ, but he also works as a television and radio presenter. His best show known to most people is the MTV's Pimp My Ride.

Professionally versatile, Westwood's career is an interesting roller coaster ride. One can safely say that his life is most part music. Let's discuss his net worth in detail, income sources and more!

Tim Westwood is Married to His Work

You can call him workaholic or anything you like, but Tim Westwood is a person who is immensely focused on his work. According to him love, marriage, and kids are all distractions. If he had a family, then he would not be where he is in terms of fame and work, or maybe he'd still have made it or made it even bigger. Who knows?

Tim Westwood

Tim Westwood


He loves what he does and is very proud of it. And why should he be not, as the DJ is earning  £3,500 per four hours? Along with that Tim has bagged $13 million net worth to himself. With such a huge money in his hand, he has not been involved with any woman, well, at least publicly.

Tim Westwood

Tim Westwood


What might be the reason behind it? Let's address the gay radar in the paragraph, shall we?

Is Tim Westwood Gay

Tim Westwood has not made any public statement about his sexuality but still made it pretty clear with a tweet. t

Tweet from Tim Westwood being gay.

So, what does this mean? Just because he's in a same-sex relationship doesn't mean he's strictly gay, he could be bi-curious as well! But if he's gay, we're all for it!

However, there has been some contradictory news, they say he was once married and had two kids as well. Who doesn't have the past? Well, if your past involves your present gay-self acting like you were straight and fathering two kids, that might be quite an issue. However, we don't know that for sure yet!

Where Does Tim Westwood Spend All His Money?

Pretty much everyone loves to travel and so does Tim Westwood. Well, some of his dollars are spent on traveling and food. Other than that, he loves cars as well. That's one of the reasons for him to join the show Pimp my ride.

You can see his love for cars in the show Pimp Up my Ride. He spends million of dollars in cars and earns in millions as well.

Along with that, we can see that he has some interest in tattoos as well. And he does not just go to a cheap tattoo place. We are sure that he goes to some place fancy and plays $1000 per hour and get his tattoo and the designs will also cost more than $10,000 as well.

We hope Tim Westwood a very best of luck for his career. For more updates and celebrity gossip coming back to Article Bio.