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Tim Westwood is a presenter and a DJ referred mainly as Westwood. He has worked for the BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1Xtra for 20 years and is also the presenter of the show Pimp My Ride’s UK version on MTV. Westwood was born on October 3, 1957 to former Anglican Bishop Bill Westwood at East Anglia. His nationality is British.

Tim attended the Norwich School and later attended a local comprehensive. His career started with DJing for the Kiss FM as well as LWR. He co-owned the Kiss FM. He later started DJing for the Captial FM, starting in 1987. His rise to fame came when he was given the role of a rap presenter for his very own show entitled Radio 1 Rap Show, which aired on BBC’s Radio 1 since 1994.

His stints on 1985 and 1987 for BBC’s World Service programme led him to obtain some TV Exposure. On the late 1980’s he appeared for the programmer Night Network produced by the London Weekend Television which aired on ITV. He also presented his own television programme for UK Play. After schedule changes, Tim left BBC after a 20 year long career on 21st September 2013. Following this, he returned to Capital FM’s sister station Capital Xtra and occupies the 21:00-23:00 slot on Saturday’s.

This versatile personality is also the owner of a YouTube channel Tim Westwood TV, which is subscribed by 230,000 fans and has over 191 million views. The channel portrays interviews of major music artists and also portrays some of their freestyles.

Tim has been subjected to a lot of criticism and rumors. It is rumored that his Black British dialect is fake and is quite opposite to his middle cla s s British origins. Also, he has been under scrutiny for giving false statements regarding his age after he insisted to be aged 27, to a Guardian journalist, at the age of 43 on 2000. Sacha Baron Cohen has gone on to state that Tim Westwood is the inspiration for his Ali G character, owing to his fake accents. An incident surrounding him, which occurred on 18th July 1999, left him injured when gunmen on a motorbike shot him as well as his a s sistant by pulling up alongside his car.

Tim has been married to his longtime girlfriend and the couple has two children together. Despite speculations surrounding his sexuality, it is very well known that he is certainly not gay.

Westwood has an estimated net worth of $16 million dollars, which adequately justifies his music talent. As one of the few well-known DJ’s in Britain he was named as the Best UK Radio DJ in the Music of Black Origin Awards for three years, 2000, 2003 and 2005 respectively. He also patronizes the Feltham Young Offender’s Institution’s internal radio.





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