How Much is Neil Westfall's, from A Day to Remember, Net Worth? Career and Achievements Information!

News by Clarence Published on 12 Jun,2017 Updated on 05 Aug,2021

Love songs from A Day To Remember, then you most probably know who Neil Westfall is. If you are not, don’t worry we will let you know more about Neil Westfall, the rhythm guitarist of the ADTR.

Curious to know how much Neil Westfall from ADTR makes? Let's discuss on all the information about his current net worth, income sources plus his band’s recent activities!

How much is Neil Westfall Net Worth, His Income Sources

Neil Westfall, the rhythm guitarist of the popular metalcore and pop punk American band ADTR, earns a hefty amount of money. Neil has been in the band since its starting days. He has a huge amount of net worth but has not revealed publicly whereas his partner Jeremy McKinnon has $2 million net worth.

Since the beginning days of his musical career, he has performed with his group and he has never performed solo financially. Therefore, the main source of his income is his band.

In 2015, the band’s net worth was $4 million. In 2005, they released their debut studio album And Their Name Was Treason which collected them $408K revenue in sales.


The ADTR has also toured in several parts of the World since its beginning days which is another major source of band's income. In 2011, they filed a case against Victory Records and claimed the royalty amounted $175K for breaching the contract with them on new projects. 




The album debuted at number 2 in the United States, selling over 62000 copies in the first week. The album also topped charts in Australia and went on to become number 6 in the United Kingdom. Till date, the album has earned $1.7 million revenue from its sales.

Lesser Known Facts About A Day To Remember

A Day To Remember (ADTR), an American rock band, founded in Spring 2003. The former drummer of the band Bobby Scruggs found a band with his guitarist friend Tom Denny. After few months, they added other members Neil Westfall, Jeremy McKinnon and Joshua Woodard and named it A Day to Remember. 


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Initially, they performed covers of several artists in their hometown. In 2004, they released their independent EP titled Halos for Heroes, Dirt for the Dead, which they sold in live shows.

Since then, the band has been touring several parts of the world. They have released 6 studio albums till now. They create metalcore, pop punk and post hardcore music. They also mix up emo and hardcore sometimes. Their latest album Bad Vibration’s music video is available on YouTube.

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