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Jeremy McKinnon also known by his birth name as Jeremy Wade McKinnon was born in December 17, 1985 and now he is 30 years old in his age. Jeremy was born in Ocala, Florida of United States and his genres are Pop punk, Metalcore and Postcore. He was the only son after the two daughters belonging as children. Professionally Jeremy is working as songwriter, singer and producer from the past year 2003 till the current time with the labels, ADTR, Indianola and Victory. Jeremy is also a s sociated with a day to remember and All for Nothing as his identification of personality.

Jeremy completed his schooling from North Marion High School and during the very time he was engaged with the band of his friends. Jeremy also in his struggling phase started working within the construction sites as well as worked in Boston Market. With the collaboration of local band he was inspired to write and play then he built up his interest across the music industry and with the formation of A Day to Remember he was resulted a high progress in writing the music. With the release of his album Your World on Fire with collaboration with the band In Fear and Faith gave him recognition as a musician.

Jeremy loves to live his own world with his own choice. Therefore, he has not clarified about his married life, affair, girlfriend and spouse till the present time. Jeremy mentioned in of the interview that he is more focused in his career rather than in these terms of stuffs. Jeremy is very positive in his attribute and forward in his nature, he is always the source of motivation to the youth and he loves horse riding. Jeremy also dictates himself being coffee addicted. He also had one girlfriend during his college days but his relationship could not last longer than few months as an affair. Jeremy is very also planned to be an entrepreneur but he was unable to manage his time and by now he is planning to continue for its success. The rumor is also there that he is planning to get settled down soon by getting married, but there is no any exact information regarding this rumor about him.

Jeremy is also engaged within the social charity and been providing financial support to the trust that is related with the street children issues. He is also planning to make a building for it.

Jeremy is tall in his height and the weight of Jeremy seems proper with that of his height. His salary also mentioned by him can dictates himself getting successful in his life and career this also led him to achieve a proper net worth and good sum of amount for his further success and achievements in the near future in his life.



by Bchrome, 13 Jan, 2016

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