How much is music artist Liane V's Net worth? Know about her songs and Career

News by Saburo Published on 26 Apr,2017 Updated on 23 May,2017

Based in San Jose, California, Liane V is a prime example of a multimedia star, formerly competing and excelling in a beauty pageant.

She has hosted a well-known event like "The Voice," "X-Factor," and "American Idol."

How much is music artist Liane V’s Net Worth?

Liane Valenzuela’s net worth is yet to be revealed. Thirty-year-old, a Vine star has the net worth of around $1 million at current. 

Liane V has huge followers on her Instagram account, and it has been the platform for her to earn the net worth. She is paid the huge amount of around $25,000 for her each sponsored Instagram post. Besides, she also earns about $40,000 for each sponsored Vine posts.

Vine star, Liane Venezuela


Vine has been the good source of her income.Viner's charge is around $1,000 (£594) per 100,000 followers which adds the good amount to her net worth. 

At those rates, Nash Grier earn about $90,000 per six-second video - or $15,000 per second. A multi-hyphenate talent singer boosts her income sources through modeling and singing. The Filipino descent, sports Buffalo brand for her shoot.

Liane Valenzuela’s songs, career, and followers

Vine Video phenomenon, Liane Valenzuela has earned over 4.6 million followers. Liane has earned name and fame on with over 1 million fans as well. Liane on the platforms mentions, six seconds is more than enough to create or grab an impression.??

Valenzuela started Vine as a hobby, but now it has become her career. She filmed herself with her father, Wally Valenzuela performing outside their North Hollywood home. The clip was captured on her smartphone, and edited right there on the pavement, allowing them to reshoot parts to get each dance step in time.

                           Liane V dance with her dad, Wally Venezuela


Liane is multitalented, who sings, writes, dances acts, and models. Liane has represented the Philippines in the Miss Asia USA Pageant 2008. Besides that, Valenzuela appeared in music videos for artists like Tyga and The Far East Movement.

Versatile vine star, Liane V


 Music was the one real dream of Liane’s, and soon after establishing herself online via YouTube and social media, Liane was signed by the production company named “Brand X.” She caught the attention of producers “Bruce Wayne” and “Dirty Swift” of the Grammy Awards winning production team and Midi Mafia.



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As of now, Liane is a singer, songwriter, dancer, model and an actress. An American rock singer, Lian Valenzuela has created some fitness videos like ‘Workout with Liane’ V (2014).