How much does Fox News Channel's Journalist Megyn Kelly earn? Find her salary and net worth!

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Megyn Kelly is a  former sharp straightforward feminist reporter from Fox Channel. Kelly is certainly the hottest and smartest journalist on the panel of FOX's elite reporter group. She currently works at NBC News and hosts her own show The Kelly's File on NBC News. 

Megyn Kelly started her journey as an on Field news reporter. She was best known her appearance in Fox TV's show ‘The Kelly File’ which is loved and viewed by 2.7 million people. Curious to know more about her net worth and salary, we have all details on her net worth and salary, here.

Megyn Kelly's Net Worth and Salary

Kelly's book is set to enter the market this year on Mid of November. The name of her book is "Settle for More". The book is an autobiography which includes her real-life experiences.

Megyn Kelly, Source: Returnofkings

Megyn Kelly, Source: Returnofkings

With her elegance, style, and humor Megyn Kelly is undoubtedly a successful figure in Fox News. Megan Kelly's salary is believed to be the US $6 Million Per Year and her  Net worth is $15 Million.

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Megyn Kelly was born in the year 1970, in the city of Syracuse, New York to Edward Kelly a teacher at the State University of New York at Albany, and mother Linda.

Megyn Kelly's Carrer History

After her family moved to Albany, She graduated Bethlehem Central High School.  Megyn Holds good educational background. Megyn did her undergraduate degree in political science from Syracuse University and earned a Doctor of Law degree from Albany Law School in 1995.

In 2003, Megyn Kelly started her career with general assignment reporter for WJLA-TV's  Washington. Kelly applied for CNN but was rejected. Apparently, she got hired by FOX channel and started to host legal segments for Special Report with Brit Hume, She also started hosting her one legal segment "Kelly's Court" on weekends.

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On her early days in Fox she was a good substitute host for many shows but she got her big break On February 1, 2010, She started hosting her full-time two-hours show "America Live". Her biggest show that increased her TRP was the coverage of Election and channel's prediction of Obama's win viewed by 6.6 million people. 

Kelly started her own show called "The Kelly File" on 2013 and was rated as the highest-rated news show on the cable channel on August 2015.

Megyn Kelly's Personal Life

On 2001, Megyn Kelley married Daniel Kendall who was an anesthesiologist by but the marriage was officially ended in the year 2006 with a divorce. Two years later in 2008, Kelly married Douglas Brun President and CEO of Authentium, for the second time.


Know about Megyn Kelly's marriage with Douglas Brunt and divorce with Daniel Kendall

Megan Kelly's husband  Brunt is now is a full-time author and novelist. The successful couple now has a family of five members. The couple is blessed with three children, sons Edward Yates, Thatcher Bray along with a daughter Yardley Evans. 

Megyn Kelly became the queen of controversy on December 13th for her racist comments about Santa and Jesus being white. She managed to keep her controversial figure when she held a show with Donald Trump. She whistled towards answers of Trump and also questioned his eligibility for running for presidential elections in 2016.