How is the married life of Adrienne Bolling with her husband Eric Bolling, a TV Personality?

When we talk about Eric Bolling, we link him with numerous funny comments and racist attacks on former President Barack Obama. But it turns out that Mr. Bolling is a very sensitive family guy.

Along with a successful career, the veteran media personality is also leading his personal life so strongly. He is married to Adrienne Bolling and the couple has one son. Eric currently hosts 5 PM news who replaced former Fox anchor Bill O'Reilly in April 2017 after O'Reilly was fired from Fox. Today, we will explore his personal life details here. 

Eric Bolling, Adriana Bolling: A Happily Married Couple

Eric married Adrienne Bolling in the year of 1997. Eric has not been entitled to any girlfriend names in his post married life which makes him a short of family guy despite the fame he has in the field o media.

Eric Bolling and Adrienne have been married for over 21 years and we don't see his face scratched by his wife ever on the TV show which proves they are going strong.

The couple has yet to reveal how and when they met and started dating. Sources reports, the couple met during one of their public outings, and after happening to like each other went out a few more times. 

The twenty one-year-long consistency in their marriage proves to be strong evidence of their great going wedding and certainly narrows the chances of divorce or separation. So far, we have not heard any rumor about them having any problem in their married life either. Even after a series of controversies, his doting wife still supports him a lot and the two are has been together for a long time

Their Son Died At 19

The couple has a son named Eric Chase Bolling, born n 1998, in Old Tappan, New Jersey. Sadly, their son pa s sed away on Sept 8, 2017, at the age of 19. Sources report that his son took a possibly lethal dose of fentanyl hours before his demise.  

Before talking about Eric's love life let us know about his early life

We have heard that Eric Bolling's voice in the Fox network and, to be honest, we like him as well as admire him (most of the time) for his straightforward approach to news interpretation. Baseball-player-turned-commodity-trader-to-television-personality, Eric Thomas Bolling,  widely-known as Eric Bolling as a Host of Fox Business Network.

Baseball Career

Eric was born on 2nd March in 1963 in Chicago, USA. Eric is white by ethnicity and Catholic by religion.  In 1984, Eric Bolling graduated high school from Loyola Academy. He graduated BA in economics from Rollins College in Winter Park Florida and was awarded a fellowship to Duke University's School of Public Policy.

Thank you President Trump.. appreciate the retweet. We know you're draining the ample Swamp. #maga

— Eric Bolling (@ericbolling) June 27, 2017

Eric was a baseball player in his college days he was drafted as a player in 1984 Major League Baseball by the Pittsburgh Pirates but he could not pursue his career as a baseball athlete for having a torn rotator cuff injury.

Commodity Trader

Bolling, in his initial career phase, started as a commodities trader at the New York Mercantile Exchange. Eric was hired as a specialist for crude oil, natural gas, gold, and other varied commodities. 

Adviser to BOD In CME

Before joining Journalism, Eric served for five years for the CME Group as an adviser of BOD which was formerly called the NYMEX, and then he took the job of strategic advisor for BOD in NYMEX.

Media Journalism From CNBC to Fox News

Eric's first media journalism career started with his breakthrough in CNBC's Fast money as the contributor for FAST MONEY. After two years, Eric left CNBC and joined the Fox Business Network as a financial analyst as well as the host of ‘Happy Hour’.

Eric has co-hosted Fox channel's an interesting group talk show called ‘The Five" as well. In 2013, Eric was bought as a replacement to Cheryl Casone's show named Cashin’ In as an anchor.

We can find an abundance of his guest appearances on other shows such as Hannity, The O’Reilly Factor, and Fox & Friends, etc.  

Funny lines and deadly controversy

Bolling has been involved in various controversies and even once he was suspended from the Fox News Channel. If we recall the 2011 incident where President Obama invited the Rapper common and President of Gabon  Eric referred to them as "hoods in the hizzy" which was criticized as a racist comment on the President for which he later apologized.

He, on numerous occasions, has dropped off some cold comments on President Obama's time and again. In 2014, he got into another feminist issue for commenting about the mission of UAE female pilot Maj. Mariam al-Mansouri against ISIS as "boobs on the ground" He apologized for the statement as well from his live show and social media.

Bolling is also viewed as a person who charges more than he deserves to be paid by many of the Journalists and political critics as well. His hara s sment allegations have often hit the tabloids. In August 2017, the veteran journalist was suspended from the Network after accusing them of sending lewd text messages showing the male genitalia to his female co-workers several years ago. 

Other Facts 

He has also been very active in popular social networking sites such as Twitter. He has more than two hundred and fifty thousand followers on Twitter and despite his controversies, a lot of people consider him funny.

According to our reliable sources, Bolling's monthly salary from the Fox business network is found to be $50000 which is climbing uphill each and every day to boost his net worth every year. Eric has a net worth of $25 million, as of 2019 which he acc u mulates from his salary from the fox as well as from numerous side projects he takes on. 


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