How is Lori Anne Allison doing without Johny Depp, her ex-spouse?

Lori Anne Alison was American actor Johnny Depp's ex-wife. She is a makeup artist and was born on September 6, 1957. She said she was just 8 years old when she began cutting hair off her dolls and immediately knew what she wanted to do. Lori and Johnny met in 1983, and they married immediately after falling in love followed by a brief relationship. They were married for three years and she is the only woman he's ever been married to despite the long list of his girlfriends and relationship with many gorgeous women.

Lori and Johnny married in Florida, Miami grabbing media coverage and a lot of headlines. The pair were happily in love and appeared excited in their wedding photos. But the marriage did not last very long and the couple officially divorced and separated their ways. Since then Johnny has been with 13, women and all of them, are known to be some of gorgeous actresses and models. Lori has escaped the limelight after her separation from Depp. She has not been in the media for a very long time.

The media have speculation that Anne must have wanted to live in privacy and not be a topic of news for the media. Currently, nothing much is known about her life and her relationships. She has kept everything very private. From her work to her personal life. While her ex-husband Depp is dating his co-star Amber Heard. It is yet to be seen how long this shall last. However, no woman has ever been ever to settle down the actor even if it's for a while. Lori was the only woman he walked down the aisle with. She must be special. The couple never had any children and were just married. They did not, however, reach a stage where they wanted to become parents.


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A very talented and cheerful Lori Anne Allison is a sensational makeup artist and a very good actres....