House of Laura Govan of Basketball Wives: LA Robbed When She Was On a Month Long Vacation

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 04 Jun,2017 Updated on 11 Aug,2017

These days celebrities’ houses are being looted and theft.

Earlier this year 50 Cent's mansion was broken out and now former Basketball Wives: LA star Laura Govan’s was ransacked.

Source: Enstarz

 As reported by TMZ, her house was robbed and much expensive jewelry and cash were looted.

After she came home from a month long vacation, she found her home was messed up and all the expensive materials were missing.

The kitchen window was broken and the home was a disaster. She stated that $98k in cash and $615k in jewelry were missing including a Rolex worth $50k.

Her home is security protected but she did not turn on the security before she left so that the one who watches over her dog does not get troubled.

A neighbor of her told cops that one night she heard the dog barking loud around 1 am but she did not think of it later.

No arrests and neither any suspects are made till now. The investigation is on.