Harvey Weinstein Is In Arizona and Wont Appear At the Golden Globes This Weekend

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 05 Jan,2018 Updated on 05 Jan,2018

 Reports of Harvey Weinstein hanging out in La preparing to enter the golden globes party this weekend is making rounds all over the internet. 

It was Thursday when rumors of the notorious producer to make his way back to Hollywood started circulating. It was reported that the New York city born, Harvey was staying at a Beverley Hills hotel.

Source: TMZ

Falsifying all the baseless reports a recent picture of Harvey Weinstein says he is still hundreds of mile away in Arizona.
According to the reports of TMZ, a picture of Weinstein obtained by them is of Arizona which was taken around 4 PM on Thursday. 
Earlier showing a disapproval to Weinstein being in town, actors Rosanna Arquette and Ellen Barkin posted messages.  

Source: Twitter

In October 2017, Harvey Weinstein was accused of multiple sexual harassment, assault and rape by women in the film industry. As a result of the accusation, Harvey Weinstein was fired from his production company and suspended from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.