Fox News' Katherine Timpf's Ideal Boyfriend is like THIS. Complete Details about her Dating History!

News by Saburo Published on 19 Jul,2017 Updated on 15 Dec,2020

Katherine Timpf's professional life is an open book for all her fans. But her personal life, it's quite a mystery. Co-host of the Fox News Channel's show The Greg Gutfeld Show. She hosts alongside Tyrus and Joanne Nosuchinsky. 

The numerous fans Timpf has scored with her performance are all curious to get to know the star Katherine better. What is her relationship status? Is Katherine Timpf married, does she have a boyfriend? Let's start!

Who is Katherine Timpf Dating Currently?

Television personality Katherine Timpf currently hasn't confirmed anyone as her boyfriend officially. Currently, she is possibly single. Timpf was in a serious relationship previously.  

Katherine Timpf

Katherine Timpf


28 years old Timpf was previously in a relationship with Blake, her college friend. They broke up around six years ago and currently they are in good terms. She also welcomed her former lover in one of her podcasts.

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In the podcast which is deleted by now, the former couple chatted about their immature love, drinking habits, relationship issues and other details.They also revealed that Blake was the one who introduced her to Fox News Channel. 

Katherine Timpf was rumored to be dating Joel Pavelski who is an American professional ice hockey player.

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The rumor of their dating started after Timpf shared pictures of her with Pavelski several times on her Instagram.



A post shared by Katherine Timpf (@kattimpf) on


On her Instagram post on 1 May 2016, she shared a picture of them sharing champagne together and she mentioned Pavelski as "my favorite person".

However, the TV star denied any romantic relationship with him and explained they are just friends.Timpf also took to Twitter to explain:

"@joelcifer lot of people on Instagram jealous of you bc they think you're my boyfriend."

Katherine Timpf's Dream Boyfriend

Everyone has some dreams about their love life, and Timpf is no exception. She too has some dreams about her boyfriend and Timpf shared her dreams about her boyfriend to all her fans.

On one of her twitter posts, Timpf  wrote:



She once again took to Twitter her boyfriend rant:



We are pretty sure Timpf has found many guys that would willingly be there for her by now. Let's hope she reveals her relationship soon. 

Katherine Timpf Quick Facts

  • Timpf was born on October 29, 1988, in Detroit, Michigan. 
  • She graduated from Hillsdale College (magna cum laude) with a B.A. in English in 2010.She is associated with Fox News Channel since May 2015 and hosting show The Greg Gutfeld Show.
  • She has occasionally appeared on other shows of Fox News shows.
  • Timpf has appeared in radio shows.
  • She is a contributor for Orange County Register, Investor's Business Daily, and The Washington Times.
  • She also performed as a stand-up comedy artist.