Former Brooklyn Nets Player Jason Collins is gay, retired from NBA after coming out. Details About his Net worth and Salary

News by Saburo Published on 27 Jun,2017 Updated on 27 Jun,2017

Jason Collins, an American retired professional basketball player renowned for playing 13 seasons in the NBA  declared his retirement from the NBA in November 2014.

Collins came out as Gay after the 2012-13 seasons. Is coming out as gay the reason for his retirement? We'll discuss that here along with Jason Collins' net worth, salary, and related topics. 

Jason Collins, Openly Gay NBA Player

The former Washington Wizards player, Jason Collins, publicly came out as gay as soon as the 2012–13 NBA season concluded. Jason did not play again until February when he signed with the Nets.



Jason stood out as the first publicly gay athlete to play in any of four major North American pro sports leagues.In April 2014, Collins appeared on the cover of Time Magazine's "100 Most Influential People in the World". 

Image: Jason Collins


Additionally, after a 13-year tenure in the NBA, Jason Collins, the first openly gay professional basketball player introduced himself to PBS saying:

 “I am a 34-year old NBA center. I’m black and I’m gay.”

While talking to the PBS NewsHour Wednesday night, he added:

 “It was a fighting, thrilling 13 years dedicated to making myself the best possible basketball player I could be. But I am ready to become just a fan now, not a participant. Next time I’ll be participating will be in an exhibition game.”

Jason wrote that he was afraid and he may not be signed again after coming out because teams would see him as a distraction.

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When he signed with the Nets in 2014 Collins became the first openly gay athlete in North-America to play in any one of the four major US sports leagues.

Jason Collin’s Salary and Net Worth

One of the familiar faces in NBA, Jason Collin was paid 1.352 million USD (2013) annually. Collin's net worth is $16 million dollars. Jason owns Black 1988 Mustang Notchback car and resides in a lavish house in CasaDeMilta, Mexico.He signed a 10 days contract to play with the Brooklyn Nets in 2014.



At Brooklyn, Jason's negotiable salary ranged anywhere from $490,180 for a rookie to $1,448,490 for those with 10 or over ten years of NBA service under their margin.

What Is Jason Collins Currently Doing? 

Jason’s tenure from 2013 to February 2015 was filled with recognition from President Obama at the State of the Union address entitled one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People. However, after Jason left the NBA, he expressed his concern saying he doesn't want his sexual identity to be his only defining legacy.

Image: Jason Collins

At present, Even after the retirement, Collins continued working with the National Basketball Association being an NBA Cares Ambassador promoting health and fitness through basketball. Collins is also working with various communities, charities, and organizations. He is actively involved with the Billie Jean King Initiative in order to spread diversity and inclusion in leadership.