Flip or Flop Star, Tarek El Moussa's New Show, Pick Me Up Project Starts on Monday: Details

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 31 Dec,2017 Updated on 26 Jun,2018

Tarek El Moussa who is associated with the reality show, ‘Flip or Flop’ announced his new series, ‘Pick Me Up Project’ this week. He hosts Flip or Flop with his ex-wife Christina El Moussa

Spilling detail of the new show he said, the show is dedicated to putting others back on their feet.

Source: CelebrityInsider

Moussa released a video clip where he shared his experiences with people speaking about his new show.

Life is pretty difficult and I’m a big believer that if you need help, reach out. Talk to people, learn from people, and share experiences with people. Those are the moments that could end up changing your life or someone else’s.

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The show is all set is take a kick start on Jan 1, 2018. The video clip of the show released featured El Moussa sharing his struggling times growing up with ADHA and his face off with cancer twice.

“I feel that my purpose is to give back, lend a hand, and really help others,” Moussa said in the clip.

He even voiced to his fans on his Facebook page asking for their family and friends who are in need.

Moussa confirmed of numerous submission and declared the first episode of the show will be aired on Monday.