Find out the Net Worth of American Actor, Danny Aiello including his Career and Achievements

News by Valdemar Published on 21 Nov,2017 Updated on 21 Nov,2017

With around 100 acting credits to his name, the Oscar-nominated actor Danny Aiello has made his name on the list of the top stars in the Hollywood. Aiello is currently busy with his new projects Little Italy and The Italy Boys which are in the pre-production process.                        

How much has Aiello, who dedicated more than 44 years of his life in the acting career, earned? What are his sources of income? Let's find out here.

How Much Is Danny Aiello's Net Worth? What Are His Sources Of Income?

The 84-year-old actor Danny Aiello who made his acting debut from the movie Bang the Drum Slowly in 1973 has earned a huge net worth from his over four decades of acting career.

Aiello's estimated net worth is around $ 3 million, according to celebrity net worth. The actor made such a massive figure of money from his successful acting career.

Actor Danny Aiello

Actor Danny Aiello | Source: Hot Flick

During his early career, Aiello was appointed as US Army at the age of 16 after he lied his age. But he quit after three years of service. He then served as a union representative for Greyhound Bus workers and nightclub bouncer.

What are Danny Aiello's Sources Of Income?

Aiello's primary source of income is his acting career. His movie The Godfather Part II during his early career made around $47.5–57.3 million box office collection. Following the success, he made his TV debut with the series Kojak in 1976.

He then appeared in several series like Lady Blue, The Last Don, and Dellaventura for which he earned quite an impressive salary.

Similarly, his movies Do the Right Thing in 1989 collected around $37.3 million, Jacob's Ladder made $26.1 million at the box office. He also performed in a biopic about Jack Ruby, Ruby in 1992 which collected around  $919,286 at the box office.

Actor Danny Aiello in the movie "Do the Right Thing"

Actor Danny Aiello in the movie "Do the Right Thing" | Source: The Red List

Besides, the Oscar-nominated actor also showed his singing talent in the movies like Hudson Hawk in 1991, Once Around in 1991, and Remedy which also helped to extend his net worth.

In addition to his singing career, Aiello also released many albums featuring a big-band sound. He also released an album Bridges in 2011 alongside  EMI songwriter Hasan Johnson

Danny Aiello's Achievement

During his over 44 years of career, Aiello received several awards. He earned Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in Children's Programming for his performance in "ABC Afterschool Special" in 1981.

Actor Danny Aiello | Source: Twitter

He also achieved BSFC Award for Best Supporting Actor, LAFCA Award for Best Supporting Actor and CFCA Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1989 for the movie, Do the Right Thing.

He also received an Oscar nomination for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for the same movie in 1990. Also, Danny also won National Board of Review Award for Best Cast in 1994 for "Prêt-à-Porter."

Danny Aiello: Quick Facts

  • Aiello was born as Daniel Louis Aiello Jr on June 20, 1933, in Manhattan, New York, U.S.
  • He has five siblings.
  • He is Frances and Daniel Louis Aiello's son.
  • He is 6' 2½" (1.89 m) tall.
  • He studied at James Monroe High School.
  • Aiello is currently married to Sandy Cohen.