Ex- Top Gear Host Richard Hammond Airlifted to Hospital After A Horrible Car Crash

News by Riya Published on 10 Jun,2017 Updated on 13 Jun,2017

Richard Hammond, the former Top Gear host, 47 years old, is said to have flipped a $ 2.55 million car during the filming of The Grand Tour bursting the car into flames with Hammond still inside. Hammond has already once sustained brain injuries in a 2006 car crash, he was driving a 288mph car. 

Image: Richard Hammond's Car Crash 2017

Hammond’s spokespeople talked to The Sun saying:

The crash was really bad. The car completely flipped and then burst into flames.

There was real concern for Richard but the emergency services were quickly on hand and he’s a very lucky boy.

It brought back horrendous memories of the 2006 crash for those who witnessed it.

·        Hammond is recovering in a hospital as we speak. For more on this story, keep a close tab on Article Bio.