Jerry Jones' Wife Eugenia Jones' Professional Career And Decade Long Marriage Journey

News by Bartle Published on 11 Dec,2015 Updated on 27 Nov,2019

Sometimes, people gained wide attention due to their relationship status rather than their profession. The same case with Eugenia Jones as she married a billionaire Jerry Jones for more than five decades now. 

Do they still happy with each other and how many do they have children? We are going to explore everything about their love life, stay with us.

Married Life With Jerry Jones

After marrying Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones, Eugenia gained huge public and media attention. The couple tied the knot on January 19, 1963, in an intimate wedding ceremony. She is also a member of the BOD for AT&T. This is the center for performing the Art.

The success behind the Dallas Cowboys Art Collection is not only Jerry himself alone; rather Eugenia is also one of the major reasons behind it. Wiki further states she is highly interested in social work and has also made a huge contribution across the needy medical students.

Eugenia and Jerry have a happy married life. Eugenia has not disclosed her previous love life and affair. There was also one huge controversy regarding Jerry caught up with the hot and sexy girls, partying and enjoying still Eugenis states. 

They Are Blessed With Three Kids

They are the parents of three children and successfully fulfilling their responsibility. The couple welcome their first child a son Stephen Jones in 1964. Eugenia gave birth to their second child a daughter named Charlotte Jones Anderson in 1966. And their youngest son Jerry Jones was born in 1969. 

Jerry never restricts Eugenis to do any work or activities. They love to spend most of the time with their children. Eugenia states, her son is very restless and hard to get him in control.

Therefore, Eugenia has to give much attention to him. Eugenia loves to cook the favorite dishes of her children and husband.

Being the wife of Jerry, Eugenia has been interviewed a lot about their married life. She is happy to have such an understanding man as her husband, who helped and is helping her in every decision making relating to her life and career.

Other Facts 

Eugenia loves to spend traveling into different cities with her husband and children. They are looking forward to buying another bungalow as a gift to their son.

Eugenia is good in cooking noodles since it’s the favorite dish of Jerry, she loves making it often. She looks after the activities of the children and their studies as well as manages time for business. There is no obstacles that occurred until the date regarding the professional into the personal life of this couple. Yet, sometimes they fight for a silly reason.

Those fights make more strong bondage within the couple. Eugenia as according to the wiki, states she was wishing to carry on her further studies, but due to her more responsibility towards her husband, children, business, family and home she could not continue. Still, she does not regret this matter.

Since she has such a prosperous married life therefore, she does not blame anyone regarding the continuation of the study. Jerry, on the other hand, is forcing her to continue. Eugenia states, now she is old enough and least interested in the study.

As of 2019, her husband Jerry has a net worth of $8.3 billion.