Eight Member From A Family Killed In Texas Church Mass Shooting On Sunday

News by Joey Jordan Published on 07 Nov,2017 Updated on 07 Nov,2017

Bryan Holcombe was delivering the Sunday's sermon at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas when the 26-year-old former soldier began shooting haphazardly; which left 26 people killed and 20 injured.

Many members of Bryan's family including his wife, Karla, son John and Marc and Marc's toddler daughter, Noah and Bryan's daughter-in-law Crystal with her five children were present.

Bryan Holcombe with some of his family members

Bryan Holcombe with some of his family members


The gunman dressed all in black then opened fire on the worshiper around 11:15 in the morning which killed Bryan and seven more from his family. Bryan, Crystal, Karla, Marc, Noah, and three of Crystal's five kids; Greg, Emily, and Megan.

Bryan's father Joe Holcombe confirmed his granddaughter-in-law Crystal was pregnant at her death. Bryan's son Scott Holcombe told New York Times after knowing his parents' death:

I'm dumbfounded. This is unimaginable. My father was a goo an, and he loved to preach. He had a good heart.

His sister Sarah Salvin told,

They weren't afraid of death. They had a strong faith, so there's comfort in that. I feel like my parents, especially my mom, (weren't) scared.

A month ago, Stephen Paddock opened a gunfire in  Route-91 country music festival in Las Vegas which left 59 people killed and over 600 injured.