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Eduardo Jesus Vargas Rojas is the name for the popular Chilean footballer commonly known as Eduardo Vargas. He was born in the year 1989 November 20 at Santiago, Chile. He is the son of the proud parents Edward Vargas and Pamela Vargas. He has two Siblings, a brother Camilo Vargas and a sister Baithiare Vargas. Eduardo Vargas cherishes the height of 175 cm and weight of 70 Kg. There has not been a disclosed report or any gossips found in the media on his love life or relating to his any incidents in the personal life.

According to the salary Statistics of 2013, his salary is reported to be 4.2 million BLR (Brazilian Currency). The agent of this player is Beratung durch Familienangehorigen with the current market value of 6.000.000 Euros. According to the Celebrity Net Worth, his net worth is around $3 million. 

Eduardo plays as a forward in the team. He is a striker holding the position in the right wing of the pitch. He is a right-footed footballer. He is in the current Team of Chile National Football Team and Spanish Primera Division club called Valencia on loan from the Italian Club SSC Napoli, where he is still in contract. He is on a loan to Valencia for over 3 months now and the contract will finish in 2014 June 30. Eduardo plays from the squad No.17 from this club.

Eduardo joined the team of the amateur in Renca as the youth clubs were very far from where he lived in Santiago. So as for fulfilling his desires and eventually to learn and practice, the move seems very helpful to this young player. He played in Puerto Montt tournament from third division team of this amateur team securing the top score in the team. He was then contacted by the then coach of Cobreloa.

He joined the youth team of Cobreloa in 2006 ultimately being in the first team of the same club in 2006 after pa s sing several evaluations. He played for the club since 2006- 2009 in 53 different matches bagging 10 goals for the team. Due to his piqued quality performances in the Chilean Championship and 2011 Copa Sudamericana, there were several prominent European clubs willing to a s sign Eduardo from the team.

However, in 2010, Eduardo Vargas signed the contract with the club Universidad de Chile. Eduardo remained in the club from 2010 to early 2012 appearing in 54 different matches contributing 17 prominent goals for the club.

Later in January 2012, Eduardo made his move to Italian Club called Napoli. He has played in 19 matches from Napoli scoring 3 goals so far. Until this time, Napoli loaned Eduardo to Brazilian team called Gremio in January 2013 for a year. After his return from loan, Napoli loaned this player to the Spanish La Liga club called Valencia for the rest of the season of 2013-2014. Until now, he has the experience of playing in 10 different matches from Valencia scoring 3 goals.

This might be the smart move of Napoli to sharpen the skills of the player for his club letting through the experiences and training of different clubs and is also fruitful for the player himself. He has received the honor of different awards and titles from his excelled performance in the game and to the team for whom he plays.

Eduardo is very talented when it comes to a crossing and dribbling the ball in the game. He is a threat to his opponents in terms of giving counter attacks. He likes to play in the short pa s ses and cut inside. He is skilled in shooting, diving for tackles, heading and has got good performance rate. Being a young energetic man, he has got good speed in the game and has got the killer instinct.

He is in the first team of Chile National Football Team since 2009. He represented Chile in 27 different matches securing 11 goals for the team. He will be lining up with his team in 2014 FIFA World Cup as a Forward. However, this player needs to maintain his discipline in the game which is regarded as his weak point in the game.            

by sahra, 31 May, 2014

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