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Dominic Felix Amici, popular as Don Ameche was an American actor and voice artist who became a major radio star in the early 1930s. He won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Coc* * n (1985). The late man of all part had worked in countless movies rendering voice and portraying diverse acting skills. 

Early Life, Bio, And Family Of Don Ameche

Don Ameche was born on May 31, 1908, in Kenosha Wisconsin, United States. He was a successful American actor along with awesome voice acting. He spent his career within this industry for almost 60 years during his lifetime.

He was a son of father Felice Amici and mother Barbara Etta Hertel along with his three brothers and four sisters namely, Bert, James, Louis, Elizabeth, Catherine, Mary, and Anna. During his early age, his father used to work as a bartender from Montemonaco, Marche from Italy, and his mother was a German ancestry from Scottish, Irish.

Don's nationality was American and ethnicity was mixed. 

Don Ameche's Career And Wiki

Ameche was a hardworking person who was performing well during his early college dramatics and was also playing a major role in the production of Excess Baggage that was for a famous stock company. This didn’t later turn up, therefore; one of his friends suggested him to establish himself as an actor. Since, after his completion of study from Marquette University, he started experiencing as an actor.

Don Ameche, in 1935 made a debut in a film since then till the year 1930 he established himself as a successful actor in Hollywood. Films like Alexander’s Ragtime Band in 1938 where the word used as “amache” was used as a jargon word within the regular catchphrases. This word was later used with the phrase ‘you are wanted on the Amache’ within the telephone by the generation of those times. This further increased the popularity of this actor.

Amache later played a huge number of roles that were based on the real people live. His role in John Landis’ Trading Places in the year 1983 was additionally a huge success of his role with originality in performance. These make him easy to reach the limelight of Hollywood. Yet, the net worth of this star is still unknown.

Additionally, Don Ameche was featured within various television series. Yet, in 1970 after the 2 comedies in The Boatniks and Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came, he was inattentive towards the film industry for almost 13 years. Yet, having an advancing easy he always remained busy in his career focus.

It is also regarded as Confirm or Deny (1941) was regarded as the best serious film that was directed by Archie Mayo. Yet, in 1944 after refusing the new agreement offered by Fox, Ameche was jobless. Till 1954 he wasn’t found in any films and later he appeared in Phantom Caravan this was later followed by one and another till the next years.

The actor's last on-screen project was 1994 movie Corrina, Corrina. The movie featured Whoopi Goldberg, Ray LiottaTina Majorino, and Wendy Crewson more. 

Don Ameche's Net Worth And Income Sources 

According to celebrity net worth, Don Ameche had a net worth of $10 million, which he earned from his successful career. He starred in several films including Dante's Inferno, Ramona, One in a Million, Alexander's Ragtime Band, The Three Musketeers, The Story of Alexander Graham Bell, Moon Over Miami, Heaven Can Wait, Wing and a Prayer, Greenwich Village, Columbo: Suitable for Framing, Trading Places, Coc* * n, Harry and the Hendersons, Coming to America, Coc* * n: The Return, and Corrina, Corrina. 

He won an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Coc* * n in 1985.

Don Ameche's Personal Life: Wife

Ameche got married to his spouse Honore Prendergast until her death in 1986 with their 6 children. Yet, he never had any Spouse after the death of his wife.


Don Ameche not only in films and television series established a successful career but was additionally established within a radio. His comeback after the years in Trading Places was a virtual comedic hit in 1983.

He was also an Oscar Winner for “Coc* * n” that was highly appreciated with his working. He did almost 40 films till the time of 14 years. He died at the age of 85 on December 6, 1993, on Monday due to Prostate cancer at his son’s residence.

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