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Debraca Denise, the stepdaughter of the late stand-up comedian and actor Redd Foxx, is in her early 70s and leads a private and secretive life. Born to Betty Jean Harris, a showgirl and dancer who relinquished her career upon marrying Foxx, Denise is recognized as Redd's adoptive daughter.

Despite her connection to the well-known comedian, there is limited available information regarding her current location and lifestyle. However, continue reading the article below to learn about Denise's early life, relationship, career, net worth, etc. 

Celebrity Child's Early Years

In the years of her life, Denise, born in 1957 in St. Louis, Missouri had some mysteries surrounding her. She was born to parents and remains unaware of her biological father's identity even at the age of 66.

Debraca Denise Debraca was adopted by the comedian Redd Foxx.
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However, her life took a turn when she was adopted by the comedian Redd Foxx, who gained fame for his role, in the TV series "Sanford and Son." This adoption marked a moment in Debraca's life as she took on the surname Foxx after joining their family.

Unfortunately, there isn't information, about her educational background. It is possible that she completed her studies at a school before venturing into acting.

Denise's Biological Parents

Denise's biological parentage adds a sense of intrigue, to her family history. While we know that Betty Jean Harris is her mother, the identity of Denise's father remains a well-kept secret protected from the prying eyes of the media.

Betty, who was born on September 24 1928 presents herself as a figure with undisclosed aspects of her life. It's almost like she has intentionally left pages of her story unturned, which naturally piques our curiosity, about the chapters.

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Former Actor's Married Life

Denise, a known member of a family, in the entertainment industry, is happily married to Ralph Russell, a successful businessman based in Los Angeles. They exchanged vows in June 1975 surrounded by loved ones at the Grand Ballroom of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

The wedding was nothing of grandeur with an estimated cost of $40,000 and 450 guests seated in arranged concentric circles around a gazebo adorned with stunning flowers. Debraca looked breathtaking in a white chiffon gown designed by Holan Miller from Beverly Hills.

The celebration included a champagne reception and an exquisite sit-down luncheon for all attendees. On Debracas mother, Betty hosted a gathering at her magnificent Toluca Estate residence to continue the festivities with their closest friends and relatives. 

It was Kent Harris, Debracas's uncle, who had the honor of walking her down the aisle during this occasion. Regrettably, Redd – Debracas's father – could not attend due, to complications involving Betty.

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legal Battle Within Family

Redd Foxx, a comedian and actor known as the "King of the Party Records " enjoyed financial success during the height of his career. However, when he passed away Foxx had accumulated a tax debt exceeding $3.5 million.

 Foxx with Debraca. Foxx's wife took action against Debraca accusing her of mishandling Redd's finances.
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It is worth mentioning that Barry Van Dyke also made appearances, on his show. Reports suggest that Kaho Cho, Foxx's wife took action against Debraca accusing her of mishandling Redd's finances. Cho alleged that Denise did not use the money to settle the tax debts but instead misused it.

Debraca served as the administrator, of her stepfather's estate until being removed in 2006. Tragically Redd Foxx suffered a heart attack on October 11 1991 while on set leading to his passing a few hours later.

Denise's Interests And Career

In the past, Debraca Denise explored the world of acting giving us a glimpse, into her life behind the scenes. On her IMDb page, we can see that she had a role in an episode of the TV series "Sanford and Son" where she played the character Doris Martin.

This revelation feels like finding a gem in her story, a moment where she briefly stepped onto the stage of the entertainment industry. Denises past performances add a touch to her journey.

Acting seems to hold a place in the tapestry of her experiences. Although we may not have all the details about her venture, into acting each piece hints at an aspect of her identity that goes beyond her life which she cherishes dearly.

Debraca's Current Life

Denises that present circumstances are quite mysterious. While it's known that she used to work at a Target store owned by Redd her current activities are now kept under wraps leaving minds in the dark. It seems that Denise has deliberately chosen to keep her journey hidden from view.

In a world where sharing every detail is the norm, her decision to maintain privacy adds an aspect, to her story. One can only speculate about the experiences she may be embarking on venturing into unexplored realms or simply savoring the joys of a life away, from constant attention.

Celebrity Step Daughter's Net Worth

Denise has forged a path, for herself by stepping beyond the territory associated with her father, Redd Foxx. Of relying on her family connections she dedicated herself to establishing a reputable career as an actress.

Through years of dedication and perseverance, she secured roles in films such as 'Sanford and Son' and 'Sanford.' However, Debraca Foxx's acting career has experienced a period of quietness at times.

Her recent project dates back to 2015 when she made a cameo appearance, as herself in 'Unsung Hollywood.' Despite this, her professional journey has contributed to amassing a worth of $3.5 million. This financial success enables her to lead a lifestyle indulging in the comforts provided by amenities.

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