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Cynthia Glabach, a woman sadly passed away at the age of 57. She was not only a mother but also the proud parent of popular Instagram models, including the well-known Alexis Ren. These influential individuals were widely recognized for their advocacy in promoting well-being, self-love, and effective management skills.

Cynthia Laine Berkich, born on May 3, 1962, in the United States, made her mark as a respected nutritionist. While there are details about her early life and siblings in public records Cynthia's outstanding contributions, to her field remain significant.

Married Life

Cynthia Glabach and Gaylord Frank Glabach, a lawyer were married with details of their wedding kept secret. They proudly raised a family of five children. Their journey, into parenthood started in 1993 when their first daughter, Amber Glabach was born.

Cynthia Glabach and Gaylord Frank Glabach Cynthia Glabach was married to Gaylord Frank Glabach.
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Afterward, they were blessed with three daughters named Ace, Alisa, and the famous model Alexis along with a son named Devin. Alexis began her modeling career at thirteen years old. Quickly became one of the most well-known figures in the modeling industry in the United States.

The Glabach family, led by Cynthia and Gaylord played a role in supporting Alexis's flourishing career. Despite keeping their wedding and family life private the legacy of the Glabach family endures through their commitment, to each other and the remarkable achievements of their children.

Physical Appearances

Details about Glabach's body measurements, including weight, chest-waist-hip dimensions, dress size, and shoe size, remain undisclosed.

However, it is known that the celebrity mother had blonde hair and brown eyes, contributing to her distinctive appearance. Specifics about her physical attributes beyond these general features are not available.

Alexis's Successful Modeling Career

Known by her stage name Alexis Ren, Alexis Rene Glabach embarked on her modeling journey when Brandy Melville, a modeling company based in California discovered her. By the time she turned fifteen, she had already reached the pinnacle of her modeling career and gained fame as a social media sensation.

At the age of twenty three Alexis has achieved remarkable milestones in her career. She is the founder of Ren Active, an activewear line. Her captivating charm earned her a spot, on Maxims Hot 100 list of Sexiest Women in the World in 2019. Over the year she had an opportunity to feature as "Scarlet Jones" in an Ed Sheeran music video.

Alexis Ren
Alexis is a Successful Model.
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Initially rumored to be involved with Milo Manheim, Alexis is currently in a relationship with known actor Noah Centineo. The couple has been celebrating their love for, over a year now. On January 15, 2020, Noah shared a photo of them in a swimming pool that exuded affection. They are frequently seen attending events and award functions as a couple.

Net Worth

Cynthia Glabach, who has experience, as a specialist doesn't have much information available about her earnings and net worth in the media. However, it is estimated that her net worth is around $200,000. On the other hand, her daughter Alexis Ren has a net worth of $800,000 thanks to her successful modeling career with renowned brands like DVF, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Colourpop.

According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary for a nutritionist in the United States is $51,291. Although Alexis mainly earns from modeling gigs she also participated in the 2019 season of Dancing With the Stars and won $125,000 as prize money.

Cynthia Glabach's husband Gaylord Glabach earns an average of $121,000. Despite Cynthia's standing career as a specialist specific details, about her financial accomplishments have not been disclosed in the media.


It is, with sadness that I share the news of Alexis Rens's mother, Cynthia Glabach passing away on January 8, 2014. She fought a battle against colon cancer. Unfortunately, the disease ultimately took her life. Despite her expertise as a nutritionist, Cynthia found it hard to accept the diagnosis when she received it.

Alexis Ren with her mom. Cynthia Glabach passed away on January 8, 2014.
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She underwent treatments for a while. Sadly the relentless illness claimed her life. The loss of Cynthia Glabach was a moment for Alexis Ren and her family. It marked the end of a fight, against an opponent.

Social Media Presence

Cynthia Glabach did not maintain any personal social media accounts. Nevertheless, she made occasional appearances on her daughter's Twitter account, @AlexisRen, and her Instagram account, @alexisren. Despite Cynthia Glabach's lack of personal social media accounts, her active participation in her daughter's online presence provided followers with glimpses into their lives.

Through occasional appearances on Alexis Ren's Twitter account, @AlexisRen, and Instagram account, @alexisren, a connection was fostered with Alexis's audience. These shared moments allowed followers to catch a glimpse of Cynthia, creating a personal touch to their online engagement and contributing to the sense of connection between the Glabach family and Alexis Ren's admirers.

by Joseph, 25 Jan, 2024

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