Cordero JamesBrady-A Man Who Deliberately Fed His Children Laxatives To Prank Them!! Know The Five Interesting Facts Of The Controversial YouTuber

News by Nembang Published on 05 Aug,2018 Updated on 05 Aug,2018

Cordero James Brady better known by his YouTube name CJ SO COOL, made headlines when he made an outrageous prank video featuring his children. He took the prank to the extreme level like actually feeding them laxatives.

People found the video very offensive and YouTube even banned his channel which had 5.7 million subscribers. Know about the YouTuber and his family here.      

5. Cordero James Brady Joined Youtube In 2014 

Cordero James Brady joined YouTube on 26 December 2014 under the name CJ SO COOL. In a short period of time, he gained an astonishing subscriber of more than 5.7 million. As of 2018, his channel had incredible views of over 971 million.

CAPTION: King of prank videos CJ SO COOL SOURCE: From CJ SO COOL's Instagram

CJ was very active on YouTube and regularly uploaded videos. So far, he has over 647 videos on his channel. 

4. Mostly Known For His Prank Videos, Brady Is Also An An Aspiring Musician

The popular YouTuber CJ makes all kinds of videos, but he is especially known as a king of prank videos. Alongside prank videos, Brady is an expert at making exciting family vlogs and challenge videos.        

Apart from his fun centered videos, Brady is actively involved in charitable works. He uploaded several videos where he is seen feeding homeless people. Besides that, he has also done multiple giveaways on special occasions to rejoice his fan following.

CJ is also an aspiring musician and has recorded several songs and uploaded in YouTube. Here is a video of his single Get A Bag featuring Jinx Da Rebel. 

Along with that, CJ released singles like Tired, So Cool Anthem, and others.

3. This Is Not His First Controversial Video

The celebrated YouTuber CJ was dragged into controversies when he uploaded a prank video of feeding his stepchildren laxative-laced ice cream. The vlogger was laughing while recording the video and the children were crying in pain because they had a very bad case of diarrhea.

CAPTION: CJ SO COOL suspended from YouTube for feeding his stepchildren laxatives ice-cream SOURCE: Daily Mail

After his irresponsible act, YouTube suspended the dad for some time deleting the video permanently. Except for the particular video, CJ has plenty of questionable prank videos on his channel such as cutting their hair, shooting off fireworks while they're napping, pretending to feed them dog feces, and also pretending to kill them.   

He once even pranked his partner, Royalty with the death of their daughter. She was made to look like she was drowning in the swimming pool.   

2. Cordero James Brady And Longtime Partner Royalty Johnson Shares Four Children

Brady was born on 29 March 1989 in Gary, Indiana. Before fame, he used to work in a casino to support his family.

He is in a serious relationship with his longtime partner Royalty Johnson for over six years now. The two doesn't share any child but they are parents to their children from their previous relationship. Brady has a daughter named Camari from his previous relationship with his ex-girlfriend. 


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CJ SO COOL is a stepfather to his partner's three children J’aaliyah, Leonides, and Karnation. All three are frequently featured on CJ's YouTube videos. 

1. Cordero James Brady Is Quite Rich

Despite his controversial YouTube career, he has an incredible fan following. From his prosperous career, Brady is leading a lavish lifestyle.  

In 2017, he brought a huge 4-acre mega-mansion in Las Vegas. He owns multiple expensive cars which include a Jeep, Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS, and Chevrolet Camaro.

Here we present the five facts video of CJ SO COOL. Check it out.