Coco Johnsen Is A Victim Of Racial Comments By Bill Maher. Explained!

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 07 Jun,2017 Updated on 24 Jul,2017

Coco Johnsen who was in relation with Bill Maher has revealed some nasty things about Bill Maher.

She accused him of using the n word number of times when they were in a relationship.

Source: tumblr

At Burbank airport, in talking with TMZ crew she told the news that she expressed that bill thinks he can simply joke referring himself as a “house n***** and this won’t be a big deal for him.”

Well, this time Maher surely has to face dozens of controversy. Coca was in relation with Maher for a year and a half. She later sued him for $9 million for not marrying her as he has promised.

She accused him of abusing her verbally and making racial comments on her. However, the case was later dismissed due to lack of evidence. ?