Clothing Brand Accuses Rihanna Of Ripping Off Their Initials On Her Products

News by Joey Jordan Published on 26 Apr,2018 Updated on 26 Apr,2018

Rihanna's new Fenty University collection has jacked its initials from another clothing brand, claims the brand.

The Diamonds singer's Fenty label through Puma is in legal trouble with the American clothing brand, Freedom United after it claimed Puma copied its initials FU on its fashion line.

CAPTION: Rihanna's clothing line accused of ripping another clothing brand SOURCE: US Weekly

According to TMZ, Freedom sent Puma a cease letter in January explaining how Rihanna knew their fashion brand for at least last two and a half years. Still, she chose to use F.U. for her fashion line of Fenty University.

The company also asked Puma to stop making the F.U. gear as well as it handed over a full accounting of the cash the singer made from the fashion gear. 

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Later in March, Puma responded the Freedom United's letter. According to the letter obtained by TMZ, Puma insisted on the letter that there was no infringement of Freedom's FU because Rihanna's 'F.U.' used a completely different font.

CAPTION: Freedom United accuses Rihanna of taking off its initials on her fashiaon line SOURCE: TMZ

Moreover, Puma claimed that FU is not a unique trademark but only initials. TMZ approached Rihanna and Puma for the matter, but they didn't respond.