Chris Soules Of The Bachelor Show Arrested For Killing A Tractor Driver

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 26 Apr,2017 Updated on 31 May,2017

The ABC’s reality show ‘the Bachelor’ star Chris Soules has been arrested for a deadly car crash in Buchana country, Iowa. Authorities said it happened Monday night.

The 35 years old who hometown is Arlington crashed his 2008 Chevy with a tractor.


Sergeant Scott Bright who surveyed the scenario confirmed that the man driving the tractor was killed.

"Chris left the scene of the collision and was arrested later by the Buchanan County Sheriff's Department," sergeant bright told CNN reporter.


Soules had consumed alcohol as reported by the tests.

The one who got killed, his identity has not been revealed.

After he got arrested on Tuesday morning, he was later released on bail for $10000.

Soules appeared on a reality show worst cooks in America 2015. His reality show did not end up there. He went on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars with season 19’s champion Witney Carson.