Joanna Gaines Marks Her Latest Dcor in Fixer-Upper as One of Her Favorites: Pictures Here

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 28 Dec,2017 Updated on 28 Dec,2017

Every rendition and makeover on fixture upper seems going great each episode and so does Joanna Gaines. One of the important participation in Fixer Upper is Joanna Gaines who recently revealed of an episode that holds a special place in her heart. 

Joanna took on Instagram to reveal her thoughts on the recent episode. She posted:
 "The details and style of this week's Fixer Upperhouse may be one of my all time favorites!"

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The changes made in episode 5 of season 5, which was the episode Joanna was talking about was for the Aguilar family who moved to Waco, Texas from Puerto Rico.

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The Aguilar family having four members needed enough space for their two kids with a modern Mediterranean vibe which made Joanna use natural elements to décor the house. She used stone, wood, complementing with stucco, jute, quartz. 

Happy and excited Joanna took on her blog to explain the entrance décor of the home. She said: 
"I think of the entryway of a home sort of like a first impression.”

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With matching the color tone and Mediterranean vibe giving décor she managed to décor the house with a combo dining and living room

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."By incorporating these two elements into a clean, open space, the whole room instantly feels like a major transformation," Joanna added.