Carlton Henderson, A 54-year-old Man Who Attacked The Workers At Sarabeths Restaurant With Knife And Died Suddenly-Five Facts About Him

News by Nembang Published on 08 Aug,2018 Updated on 08 Aug,2018

Carlton Henderson, a 54-year-old man made the headlines when he attacked restaurant employees with a knife at Sarabeth’s Restaurant and then died suddenly. Henderson jumped out of the refrigerator of the restaurant and ran into the kitchen.

Then he grabbed a knife and started attacking the workers at the restaurant. He seemed mentally unstable with his insane activity. Know more about the incident and the attacker here. 

5. On August 5, Carlton Henderson Attacked The Workers At Sarabeth’s Restaurant With Knife

Carlton Henderson made headlines when he jumped out of the freezer at Sarabeth’s Restaurant on 5th of August in New York. He screamed 'Away From Me, Satan!' while a worker opened the freezer.

Then he jumped out, ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. Then he started attacking the kitchen staff at the restaurant. 

CAPTION: New York Attacker Carlton Henderson SOURCE: Mass Live

Luckily, the staff managed to control him on time and disarmed him taking him to the ground. At that moment, Henderson became unconscious.

Soon he was rushed to the hospital but the doctor pronounced him dead. As per reports, he died of the heart attack.

4. Henderson Was Probably On Freezer The Whole Saturday Night

On Sunday morning, 5th of August, Henderson was on the freezer. Everyone was shocked at how he got in there without anyone's concern. He must have been in the freezer but nobody knew how he got in there. 

Detectives suspected that Henderson might have locked himself in the freezer while trying to filch some food. A police officer said,

We believe he was going to steal something out of the freezer and got locked in.

It's unbelievable how he got himself there while all employees of the restaurant have no idea. 

3. He Was A Suspect Of Cold Case Killing In 1988 And Was Charged With First Degree of Murder 

Carlton Henderson was a suspect of the murder case of William Medina and Antonio Dos Reis. Medina and Reis were gunned down in Boston on 7th May 1988. During the time, nothing was proved against him.

In 2014, the case was reopened when a relative of the victim asked Boston detectives to re-investigate the unsolved case. As a result, Henderson was arrested in Missouri in April 2017, 30 years after the murder.

He was captured in St Louise and deported him to Boston. There he was charged with two counts of first-degree murder. 

2. Carlton Henderson Was Recently Released On Bail On the 1st of August

After being charged with alleged murder, Henderson was released from Boston jail on 1st August 2018. He was permitted to leave the state to meet his sister in California. He was needed to return to court by the 14th of August.  

However, nobody knew where he went until his freezer outburst in a Manhattan restaurant on 5th of August cause he was supposed to be in California. 

1. Carlton Henderson Had Series Of Criminal Activities In The Past 

Henderson is from Cave Creek, Arizona. According to multiple sources, he was living in Arizona to stay away from the reach of Boston police to avoid the cold case murder of 1988. 

However, he was linked to many other criminal activities. His long rap sheet paper informs about the criminal history which he had carried out in six states. He is also a suspect of being involved in drug dealing.