Bryan Cranstons Wife Robin Dearden: Know about their Relationship and Married Life

News by Saburo Published on 15 Aug,2017 Updated on 05 Sep,2017

Bryan Cranston, the Tony Award-winning Hollywood actor, recently received Navigator Award at Maui Film Festival. That is not the only recent development in Cranston's life. He was recently spotted making out with his wife in a car. 

So was it appropriate for someone like him to be found making out in a car? To be honest, it is no crime to make out with your wife in a car, or is it?

Cranston married his current and second wife, Robin Dearden, in 1989  Even after 28 years of marriage, the couple's chemistry is undying as demonstrated by the recent 'making out in the car event.' 

Bryan Cranston’s Wife Robin Dearden Relationship and Married Life

After the shivering cold of the winter there comes the warm sun of the spring same happened for a famous actor Bryan Cranston after his divorce from his first wife he was alone until he found Robin Dearden as his second life partner.

Cranston and Dearden first met in a set of  CBS series Airwolf in 1984 where Cranston played a negative character and Dearden was playing a hostage.

Bryan and Robin

Bryan and Robin

Source: In Touch Weekly

It was not the love at first sight situation for this couple, but they were somehow attracted to each other gradually. They use to flirt and joke together. Robin even said that Cranston is the funniest person she ever met.

The meetings then turned into dates, like all the celebrity greet each other with a kiss but the most of the kisses between friends are quick, but Cranston and Dearden's kiss lingered a little.

Surprisingly they got into a relationship and finally got married in 1989. The couple now has a daughter named Taylor Cranston who is quite a good actress who appeared in Breaking Bad as sad faced Girl.

Bryan and Robin having good time

Bryan and Robin having a good time 

Source: Daily Mail

Recently, they were spotted together at Hawaiian island having a fresh air and relaxation from all the things in their regular life.

Cranston was wearing a pair of shades and white trainers and his wife Dearden was wearing spotted a beige dress with a V-cut neckline.They were also found enjoying together in refreshing waves of the ocean.

Bryan and Robin Train Controversy

Bryan and Robin were in the headlines for several days when they were found having sex in a car while traveling from Switzerland to Italy.They were traveling on a train with their cars and other stuff but when travel agent told them about the interesting fact about the third tunnel which was 51 mins long and full of darkness.

After Cranston and Dearden knew about this, they planned to make out in the dark of the tunnel and got into the car for a joy ride. When the tunnel began, they figured that they couldn't even see the fingers right in front of their eyes. So, they finally decided to get down and dirty.

Bryan and Robin enjoying at beach

Bryan and Robin enjoying at beach

Source: Just Jared

As they began their romance, things got heated, and when the tunnel ended, they were found naked in their car. Cranston himself gave the full detail on the whole car thing.

So, if you enjoy making out in a car, then we can certainly say that this couple is having a happy married life as they still have the teenage parking lot kind of affair going on, which to us sounds great.

Quick Fact

  • Full name: Bryan Lee Cranston
  • Born on March 7, 1956.Hollywood, California
  • Other Names: Lee Stone, Phil Williams
  • Raised in  Canoga Park, California in San Fernando Valley
  • He started his career in local and regional theaters in San Fransisco Valley
  • Started his Professional career in 1980
  • Mostly known for his acting in AMC crime drama series Breaking Bad
  • Spouse: Mickey Middleton(m.1977; div.1982) Robin Middleton(m.1989)
  • Bryan is also a producer, voice actor, screen writer, director